What is the purpose of my blog?

Well if anyone out there has wondered why I have this blog and what I hope to do with it in the future. Well in the last two years I have felt a calling on my life to do something with my life other then computers which I have had a lot of people tell me that is what I should do with my life. Well I have a strong felling that I am called to Mission Field to help bring Christianity to Japan. Do you know that 0.7% of there population is Christian, yet there is no laws that forbid being a Christian in Japan. I know this is got to be a calling on my life because when I was about 14 I would sit in my Youth Group and listen to my Youth Pastor (which now I call him my Mentor in Life.) and hear about the 10/40 window and how there was a lot of people being killed for being Christian and I was so afraid to be called to overseas ministry and just wanted to stay in my comfort zone, But now I have a peace about doing this.

Well the first road block has come. WHAT WOULD I DO IN JAPAN? Well I was thinking and thought that maybe I’d enjoy working with computers. Well I am very talented with them. MAYBE? It’s worth a try. I see a lot of mission organizations looking for IT people to commit time and work at the Mission Offices. After that road block number two comes. Where am I to get the money to support my trip. Well I know that I can get Donations (People will not be able to write the donation off there taxes unless I go with a mission organization) but I really need to go there for a week or two to know if this really what I want to do. Now for road block number three, (Learning the language) If I want to communicate well I need to learn Japanese. I have tried books and It has been hard to learn because I do not know anyone else who can speak Japanese so I have no practicing buddy.

So that is an idea of what I want to do with this Blog. I hope to document my progress to Japan and record my thoughts. When I make it to Japan I would like to start posting video clips. Basicly turning this Blog into Vlog, As big time bloggers call it.