Starting today I will be turning a new leaf. I am planing to get some job applications turned in this week. Blockbuster is not paying me enough money for what they are chocking out of me. In the last couple months they said that the company is going in the path of sales to make more money. It’s not that hard to sell a Rewards Package being only $9.95 for a whole year, but it’s the Movie Passes and Game Passes that are HARD to sell. Let me see you get a customer go from paying $3.69 to $29.99. I think that customer service is not for me anymore. I was told by our Sales Manager that people who don’t sell at least one pass will get written up, but if you sell two or more then you get wear joens the next week (WOW, WHAT A REWARD – NOT!!!!!!). I also get frustrated with some customers, Now don’t get me wrong. I love doing Management, I ran a Radioshack Store for two weeks all by my self one time and did okay. I took care of fixing the satellite, keeping sales going and it was fun. But it’s not for me anymore. I also need a better paying job. If I want to accomplish my calling I need to make more money. I have been doing very well so far on my spending. I have more money in my bank then I have had before. (-: