Earlier this week I had the opportunity to talk with someone my family has known for sometime now. She is am employee for a company near me in University Park called Applied Systems. She said that if I e-mail her my resume she would personally hand it in. She said it should not be that hard to get a job in there IT as a Desktop Support. She said that someone would contact me and schedule a time for me to come in to complete a Quiz. The cool thing about the quiz is I can answer the questions I know because they grade you according to how many correct out of complete. She said one employee that got hired was stunned he got hired because he only completed half the quiz.

Well I can’t wait until July and September. In July I will be going to Washburn, Tennessee where my Grand Parents on my dads side own a Farm House on 33 acres. I will be gone July 1st thru July 6th. Then in September my family and I will be going to Florida for my parents 25th anniversary and my grand parents 50th anniversary. We are having a huge party. My family jokes that if I got married this year then it would be my 25th, parents 50th and grand parents 75th anniversary in 25 years.

Well I hope I will be getting closer to going to Japan I wrote a letter this week to YWAM asking the schedule a Short Term trip for me. I talked with my best friend Luke on Sunday and it sounded like he is interested in going on a short term trip with me to Japan next year. I think that would be so cool.