Japan Fest 2008

Today my dad and I went to Japan Fest 2008 in Arlington Heights. It was a fun event. I wish we could had gone earlier or not work this night. We got there about 2:44pm and got home at 5:40pm. I had to work a 6:00pm. I went to the Largest Japanese Grocery Store in America afterwards called “Mitsuwa”. Excellent Prices. I got a drink called “J1” (I think, thats what it says on the bottle.) Its Pomegranate w/ Aloe Juice. It’s got to be one of the best drinks I have ever had. They should sell it in American Grocery Stores Too!!! I talked to a Japanese Lady at the event who gave me alot of information on kimonos and obis. I found out that guys do use a bow (A VERY GIRLISH LOOKING BOW!!!) to tie there obis. I’m still working my way into being brave enough to wear my yukata in public.

If I did not mention. My family and I will be vacationing in Tennessee on July 1st thru 6th. I can’t wait. My Grandparents own a farm house in Washburn, TN on 33 acres.