Rakugo “Sit-Down Comedy”

Yesterday I went to Downtown Chicago to Volunteer for a event being hosted by City of Osaka. For those who don’t know Chicago and Osaka are sister city’s and this year (2008) is there 35th anniversary. The event was called “RAKUGO” which is Japanese Comedy. Read About It Here There is so much I want to share about this event. I got the e-mail address of Katsura Asakichi who is one of the Stage Proformers. He is looking forward to my e-mail because he wants to improve his english. I loved this event. I got to volunteer for this event through someone at my church named leroy who knows mami-san who was one of the organizers of this event. I was very tempted to wear my yukata to the event but I was worried that I would have the obi tied wrong since there is like NO INSTRUCTIONS ONLINE to tie an obi. There was a TV crew from a Japanese News Group in Japan interviewing people. Also there was a lady wearing a beautiful red Kimono she also had two little girls wearing kimonos. That was the first time I saw someone wearing a kimono so perfectly in person. I received a gift from the proformers it was a Japanese Fan, Notebook and Small White Bath Towel. I helped run the Will Call Table. There was this guy I think his name was something close to Mitsubishi like mishi or mushi. I wish I could remember. Well he was very nice and at one point he was pointing his fingers at me like he was saying “It all you!” or “Great Job!”. I felt like he was my boss and I was his favorite employee. I think he was the person appointed by Japan to be there Cultural Ambassador. Oh, and doing the bowing when greeting or thanking someone is very addictive. I was not doing it at first but I was doing it all over afterwards.