Rsponse from YWAM

Yesterday I received a phone call from someone at YWAM in response to my letter. She was very helpful. Like I thought she told me there is a huge need in the mission field for volunteer IT people. she also told me her husband is an Volunteer IT at YWAM in Orlando and is in a similer case to me having no official computer training. She said there is not much she can do from Orlando speaking the place I want to go is Japan. She asked if I tried contacting YWAM in Japan and I said yes. I tried 10-20 different e-mail addresses several months ago and never received an answer. She said starting Monday she will start working on the details for a short term trip for me and get back with me later next week. She told me that speaking to me she could tell that I was passionate about this. She was very interested in the fact I administer and design two websites ( and When I receive more information I will post it.

Also earlier this week (6/7/8) I attended my friend Robert Dolan’s Wedding. There I met Charlie O’Connell, someone who used to go to our church when I was in youth group. He is very interested in Japan and other countries. In madder a fact he has lived in Japan for about 3/4th a year total. We talked and he told me a lot of good advice like if I get a choice of where to stay in Japan he said try to stay with a Host Family you will learn so much more about their culture. and some other great advice.