Just though I would post a quick update. My family and I are about 1.5 weeks from our 12 day vacation to Florida for my Parents 25th and Grand Parents 50th Anniversary. We will be flying out Tuesday (8/26) Afternoon. It’s an interesting story about these tickets. My dad won these tickets from Wendy’s collect 64 cups and get a plane ticket promotion a couple of years ago. He never thought he would get these tickets. He was at Wendy’s one day looked in the trash and saw about 10 cups. So for the next three four days he went dumpster diving. When he was done he had earned enough cups to send the whole family anywhere Airtran Airways fly’s for free plus TAX.

I talked to Barbra at YWAM Orlando and next week someone will call me and schedule a tour of YWAM Orlando when we are in Florida. I hate going so long with out talking to people I know. I have not been able to get a hold of Josh who suppose ably is working for YWAM. Shamin has not logged on mySpace since 6/25. If I have not mentioned Shamin before she lives in Tokyo, Japan and I met her on mySpace earlier this year. She is christian and attends chruch. She said her church works with YWAM. Also Maria and Sandy have not replyed to any of my e-mails.

– Joel Timothy Greene