Well I finally got my resume into Applied Systems and got a call to come in and take the placement test about 1 week ago. I went in and I was told they would get back with me in 2 weeks. I really need to get that job. I’m going to give them till next Tuesday then I’m going to attempt to get a job in downtown Chicago. Someone I used to work with at Walt’s Food Center named “Debbie” has a son who is a lot like me. He haves a ability and passion for computers. She said he got a job as a Computer Consultant downtown.

This week I am working every night at Blockbuster. Last night was part 2 of our inventory. Last Wednesday we were done at 1:30am but last night we got done at 3:30am.

ジョエル わ まいにち はたらいている わが つくりて を みている。