Return from 12 Day Florida Vacation



I just got off the plane about 3 hours ago. Florida was very interesting. It was great weather and the last couple days we had below 80 degree weather with very low humidity. We return right before Hurricane Ike hits.

We were at my Grandparents Late Aug 26th thru Sep 1st. Then we went to Orange Lake in Orlando thru today (Sep 6th).

Awesome Resort/Timeshare. I suggest you check out it place first next time you are in Orlando, Florida. On tuesday (Sep 2nd) My Parents, Grandma Dot and Me went to a YWAM Orlando church service for staff members where guest were welcome. The service title was “Patience”. It’s hard to admit but that was targeted to me. I need patience for this dream of Japan. I got to talk to Barbra and her husband face-to-face and I got so many answers and information. Her husband is the IT guy for there Orlando Base. I saw there base and it was amazing.

I got have a good talk with my Dad over my dream. I have relized how many people don’t trust me that I will carry out my dream. My dad told me about several people who told him that. Which it makes me upset to not be treated like an Adult. I fell like when people do that they are underminding me. I do understand my dad is still in authority but it would be nice if people would tell me to. One concern I’ve received from friends and family is if I go to Japan and not like it or come home early well if that is what happen then “I WILL KICK MY SELF SO HARD MY CHRILDREN WILL FEEL IT!!!”. My dad pointed out that people will not be interested in suppoting me if I can’t prove my passion. And he said I NEED to take my two week or more trip to Japan (costing about $3,000 dollars) and paying for it and the lecture part of DTS my self. Because DTS is a schooling (You even get college credits for taking it.). Starting monday I am going to try to get a new JOB harder then before. In order to make the money by next year I need to get a job paying about $600-$700 a paycheck (even if its seperate jobs combined to make that.) I need to get out of Blackbuster because I go to work and get SO STRESSED!!! (I think thats one reson I can’t lose weight and I’m affraid I’m going to go bald if it continues like this.)

PLEASE. PLEASE. PLEASE. Pray for me and ask GOD to show me the way.

As a update to some I really don’t know why I care so much about Japan. But I can’t get it off my mind. People ask me what I like about Japan but I can’t answer because I don’t know…
Hope to upload some pictures and video soon from the trip.
I return to work on Monday (Sep 8th).

– Joel Greene