Small Updates

Well its been almost a month since I posted. I got a answer from Applied Systems. They told me I was not qualified for the position. SHOOT!!!. Well I have had several people tell me I should work for Geek Squad at Best Buy. Well I never wanted to support people who take so much advantage on customers by inflating their prices to ridicules amounts. You know its over a hundred bucks just for them to show up. But I guess I have no other choice. I found out from my old co-worker from Radioshack in Hazel Crest. He know that a guy named “Jon Smith” has become the Hiring Manager of Best Buy Mobile the Cellular Department of Best Buy. And maybe he could get me into Geek Squad easily. I’m going to visit him tomorrow (Tuesday). I also bought me my second kimono today this time in Black. I also bought a couple of weeks ago the undergarment for my kimono. Now I just need yo get my obi 100% correct and I will be set. Hoping to hear from City of Osaka soon so I can get involved another event. This time I will wear my kimono for sure.

And today I got an estimate on getting my convertible top fixed. about $1300 altogether. $155.00 to replace my hoses. $1000 to replace the whole top. $205 to replace to latches.