Whats New?

So, there is not much to update people on. Just some small changes. Yesterday I changed my hosting server from hostdime to inmotion hosting. I had to start paying a bit more but it might be worth it since hostdime in the beginning was great but now they are really getting at me. First they changed some PHP configuration on me and disabled a ton of handy features with PHP. (Sorry to the illiterate people who don’t know technical computer terms) and the other day I created a new site using the mediawiki kit (FYI. Wikipedia Base System) But with the PHP limitation gave it some problems. I e-mailed them about it and they said in my translation “To Bad”. they said put a PHP.ini file in each folder and website I am hosting to fix the problem, well thats fine and dandy but I have at least 30 domains with about 10 folders each (30 x 10 = 300 copys of PHP.ini) So forget them I switched to this new hosting service and got a VPS (Virtual Private Server). I would explain but it would be easier for the non-geeks to goto wikipedia and search for “VPS”…

Well today (being 2:30 in the morning) is holloween. Tonight I am wearing my yukata to work as a dress up. I showed pictures to our Asistant Manager and he loved it so much he wanted me to wear it. yet hes on vacation for the weekend, to bad. I can’t wait till tonight but then I got a meeting and closing on saturday. I think tomarrow I will tell Gwen that I’m no longer available for Fridays but I hope that dose not mean she will start sceduling me for sundays tough I hate working weekends and sundays at BB with a vengence surtenly when its two or more nights in a row. One time I had to work Friday, Saturday and Sunday in a row. I hated it. Well I am glad our BB is only open till midnight on friday and saturday but 10pm on all other nights.

So there is one new thing going on. My dad and I our starting a business called Greenetree Surveillance Systems we install surveillance cameras. In reality it was started last year in September but we had no other work until early this month. First we redid are first job because the first people moved to a new location. then he recommended someone else to us almost an hour north of us. My dad made a comment that our jobs are getting farther and farther away because the our next job is almost 3 hours away. We might just go for a full day and then stay in a hotel. So our current job is not bad but is sort of bend in the neck. First it has took almost 4 weeks on and off to complete the job. My dad and I were both going to make $700.00 each but now because of the guy he has delayed our final payment til Friday since we finished on Tuesday. I’m thinking hello our contract says upon completion. At first my dad had me put a password on there system and told the guy until he pays us we will hold on to the password. then the guy though a fit and said that us putting a password is very unprofessional and I am thinking “yeah, and not paying is unprofessional”. My dad gave in and he had me take the password off. He needed to hold his ground. I wish he did.
My mom today pointed out that I am having favor with my job, money and people. Like the other day my dad asked me to get Thanksgiving off so me and him can wait in line for the HOT FRIDAY (BLACK FRIDAY to some retailers) specials. I asked my boss and she said all employees are required to work either Thanksgiving or Christmas Day. But I said I have something to do Thanksgiving but I don’t want to work Christmas (NEVER CHRISTMAS!!!) and she said since I am like her senior employee she would make an exception and I don’t have to work either. (Thank you god.) And I have been late a few times also I only started in Nov ’07 So I am no senior and there are many other employees working their longer then me. I thank god for what he has done and will continue to do. I don’t work as much as I should and I am being blessed with money. I’m being quite faithful with my tithes and I’m scared to stop or miss one because I would bring misfortune to me because of it somewhere down the road.

Well we are only 5 days away from the US Presidental Election. And I going to be very outright forward. I HOPE AND PRAY JOHN MCCAIN WINS. (Sue me!!! I don’t care.) If he dose not this contry will become socalist in no time at all and I would say it will mark the END DAYS for sure. Think of it the bible talks of people being blind of the last days and look at how many people think Barack Husan Obama is just wonderful.

Well I can see I am sort of blabbing away. Good Bye for Now.

ジョエル グリイン (Joel Greene)

P.S. Also nothing new with Japan no answers from anyone. But I am more passionite about it then ever before. If anyone has incurragement for me please comment it here.