Black Friday

TODAY WAS THE DAY. My Dad, Brother and Me went to grab some Black Friday Deals. My dad wanted the $128 Blu-ray player from Wal-mart and I wanted the 32″ AOC LCD from RadioShack. First we went to Wal-Mart and were hunting everywhere for the players and they said they had 20-so in stock and only 6 were behind the electronics counter. They did something diffrent this year I though made things easier. First they had almost 1000% more in stock and more products then best buy usually has. The store was already open and they had the big ticket items on a pallets with black plastic wrapping and people stood around the pallets and had to wait for 5am. I think this was better then tickets for items because some people would get 10 tickets. but in this setup they could get about one item because they had to wait at the pallet. The lady at the counter gave us the blu-ray player 8 minutes early.

Then we went to RadioShack and got my TV. The 32″ Wal-mart had was regulay $499.99 was on sale for $388 but one Radioshack had was regulay $599.99 and was on sale for $399.99 it had some better features and the brand had much better reviews then the other. Also all the Wal-mart TV were gone in 5 minutes but the Radioshack had less in stock but lasted longer. Some people at Wal-mart were waiting since the night before. I got at Radioshack at 5:15am and was the first in line.