Blockbuster Inventory

I just though I would post some information on last nights inventory
[Speed Results]
Me 3415 Items at 26 per minute
Brittany 2244 Items at 17 per minute
Adrien 1715 Items at 15 per minute
Jermain but did not get a chance to write down his results.

We were there from 10:00am to 2:15am
Still have tonight

Yesterday during church my pastor was talking about three transitions of change and he just mentioned the word ask god what job you should be looking for. Then It me that even if I’m praying for a job I’m searching in the wrong place. Then I realized I’m trying to leave Blockbuster not stay. I do not what to transfer to another store so here is what I’m going to do. I asked last night that if I can transfer to a different department in Blockbuster such as Scanning, IT and and well HHHMMMMMM Well she said she would find out for me whats available.

Sayonara for now