Japanese Gift Exchange

As I might have said before I made a friend at the rakugo event in Chicago back in June named Asakichi-san. Well the other day we both got done with do a gift exchange over the mail. He sent me two containers. First one with Matcha (Powdered Green Tea – MY FAVORITE) and the other with dried green tea leaves made by his grandparent who grows green tea. He sent his on Oct 30th and I received it Nov 10th. I sent mine on the 17th and he got it on Nov 22nd. It was a bummer though that he spent about $7 to send one to me but mine which was about the same weight and size and cost me $22 to send. The idiots at the UPS store said it would cost $120 to send by them. It did not even say that on there website. Oh, yeah I sent him a 1lb bag of Dunkin’ Donuts Coffee, 1lb box of Fannie May Choclate Assortment with the chicago skyline printed on the box and couple American Flags I picked up for only a few cents each. He sent me and e-mail saying the choclate was already gone and he loved the coffee. He has become a great connection for the future when I go the Japan, He might make a great Tour Guide.