Life comes and goes. I can not believe it has been over one year since I started writing in this blog. I believe every year has a different name. This year is going to be the year of growth and gain, last year was faith and discipline and the year before that was the year of “GET YOUR SORRY BUTT MOVING, LIFE WILL NOT WAIT FOR YOU.”. So it is time for my occasional life update post.

The official close date of Blockbuster (My Job) has pasted and since then I have only worked one day in the Olympia Fields store. But before I start kicking my head I received an e-mail in response to my craigslist post looking for web design work. It dose not pay much but it is worth the reference in my portfolio to show to future jobs. The guy said he will contact me next week about meeting somewhere to have a discussion on details. I will post details on it after we meet. My dad and I just received our Business Cards in the mail about week ago. Now we can pass out cards and get a 90% more chance of get jobs.

As for the working only one day in the other store. (almost two weeks off) Well first off they transfered every employee except two to that store. Even Gwen my ex-store manager agrees they are trying to get us to quit so they can get out of paying Unemployment to us. I hate businesses that try underhanded tricks like that and they deserve to go under. I should be visiting my ex-store managers store on 33rd and king in Chicago something next week. I thought of taking the train because her store is only 4 blocks away from the tracks but all stations either over shoot the store by 10 blocks or under shoot it by 10 blocks, so annoying!!! I guess I will have to drive but also just on Sunday my tire popped from it being under inflated. I hassled with keeping it inflated the guys at the shop last time I got the tire replaced said my rim had so much rust the tire would not make a clean air tight seal. So I will hopefully make a trip to the shop today to replace the tire and rim. I believe Japan is right around the corner, I AM BELIEVING.

Joel Greene