Updates 2.1

So what can be said? Not much has happened since my last post. I’m feeling lucky though. In one week I have filed out 4 applications and sent emails to 10 craigslist posting for IT personnel. So hopefully it get a response. I NEED A NEW JOB, ASAP OR I WILL GO CRAZY.

On a lighter note. I tried drawing a anime drawing and I was much more talented then I thought. I have always been very creative but I always thought I was more the computer creative type. Not a surprise though my mom is an artist. Shes also very creative.
This is not the only drawling I made. Its not bad, It could be much better though. Ho Yeah! I can’t forget. “Copyright Joel Greene 2009. All Rights Reserved.” LOL!!!!

I worked on Tuesday night doing inventory at my blockbuster store. I worked 7pm to 7:20am…… Yeah…… You heard me right. 12 hours and 20 minutes. And at 4 in the morning to 7 we went from 500 movies missing to 160… CRAZY!!! We had 6 people work. I was the last to leave excluding the manager. We each scanned about 1,400 to 1,700 items and about 25 items a minute. EXCLUDING THE MANAGER AND LADY FROM INVENTORY!!!

I also got told the other day that this girl360 project is getting put off for sometime. My dad did an opening order for a Dunkin Donuts today and ask the guy if he was getting surveillance cameras. He said he found someone to do it but he said he is opening some other stores and he said we can have the jobs. He also knows a bunch of other people in need of surveillance cameras. It sound like he is not happy with this current surveillance guy.
Sounds like fun. WO HO awesome…

My family will be taking a trip to the Creation Museam soon maybe in the next couple weeks. And we might be taking a vacation to Tennessee over July 4th… WO HO Awsome!!!