Website Designing

Well, Still have not worked any time in Olympia Fields for the past 3 weeks. I am figuring that I basically got laid off. I received a paycheck last week expecting it for 5 hours and found it to be for 21 hours. I guess I’m not complaining the hours was for something. So I had a meeting with a guy named Jerimiah Cobb yesterday he said he is designing a website for a client called due to be launched Spring 2009. He asked me to help develop the site using my PHP know how. The site is a soical networking site for tween girls between the ages of 9 and 12. The site will contain features like a Memo Pad, Clubby Hole, Parental Companion Login, Girl of the Month, Posters of Quotes and GirlGab (Like a forum) and Content Rating System (Like He is giving the client a extremely cheap price. It will not pay much but is worth being on my portfolio. One of the Members of their advisory board is the Senior VP of Yahoo. We are hammering a CMS named Sawa CMS to develop the backend.

Yesterday was also the day of FREE GRAND SLAM at Denny’s. I took my Brother and Sister and got there at 9:00am. I had to get on the metra train to Chicago at 10:13am but forgot there might be a long line and there was. Some people said in areas where the weather is warmer the line was wrapped around the building 2 times. We were in line for 30 minutes. We got there with the line at the door we left and the line had build to the corner of the building. All I had to pay for was the drinks. I think the bill was for $8.??. It was good.

I would have made the train if it was not for the van not starting when I got out. We were at the Denny’s in mokena and my dad came and started it and I made it to the mokena metra station and the train left at 10:43am and got there 12:13am. My mom came to mokena with my sister and picked up the van and siblings. I never realized how much slower the others trains went to the one by us. The one by us is an electric train, faster. It took hour and a half but the electric took 47 minutes. WOW. I talked with Jerimiah soon long I came back on the 3:45pm train. got back at 4:32pm.

Also the other day I finally started using facebook. The site is really quite amazing including I just found out the my grandmother is on there she just registered. I am weirded out I never though she would register for a site like that.

When the weather gets better I want to go to Osaka Garden in Jackson Park with my dad. I hope there is a lot of Japanese Events this year. I had a weired dream last night. I’m going to tell the whole thing, now get comfortable. You can skip to the end if you want but anyways. It started with me in a Traditional Japanese House with all the furnishings and I turned a corner and there was a whole Japanese Family sitting in a Traditional Way eating dinner. (Something you dip.) It was like I already known the family all my life and they know me. We all were wearing Kimonos including me. The parents had two daughter and one had known English so well she was teaching me Japanese during the dream. I seemed to like this girl a lot but in reality had no idea who she was…… But then everything went wrong as all of sudden my younger sister and brother come and start running in circles spilling our dinner and destroying the house then just as they came they disappeared. Anything was ruin and the girl and I went to the neighbor to get something…. Not sure what it was. The dream ended with everyone disappearing and I was alone was strange sounds coming out of no where. I still got goose bumps.