Update 2.3

So it is time for my promised April 09 Update. Well as I said in my last post referring to the hotel we stayed at we never got a hold of the owner ever again and probably never will. Bummer. (Oh well I guess I can do without)

So, I finally got a application into AT&T the guy I know said he would contact someone in Human Resources to try to get me in. Oh, That reminds me my family finally got AT&T Uverse installed. We love it so far much better HD then Comcast. You would not believe how may people are switching to AT&T Uverse in our area. We have seen several AT&T Installer trucks in our area. My dad went and returned our Comcast box to Comcast and he said when he got there and everyone there was returning their box. (The people in front and behind him.) TAKE THAT COMCAST. Comcast is finally getting a kick in their monopaly of Pay TV service to chicago. We have 4 TV’s and got 4 HD boxes for them all even though only two are LCD 720p TV’s. The HD is really wonderful nice picture even though our HD TV’s are only 720p. CRAZY NICE PICTURE. AND AND FREE ANIME ON DEMAND… COOOOLLL. I watched an Anime called “Azumanga Daioh”. Awesome. It is now one of my favorite Anime. (GETTING BACK ON TOPIC) AT&T requires you to use a 2Wire Gateway. Bummer I use a Netscreen Router. So my VPN dose not work. This 2Wire uses a new peotocol VDSL (G.993.1) to connect to the internet and the old ADSL Modem I used dose not work. BUMMER. I today received a Linksys PAP2T by UPS so now I can talk to people in Japan for much cheaper then using any American Phone Line. SWEET.

So anyways the Guy I know ended up visiting our house to check up on why his installer was taking 9 hours to install our service. (He was working on it from 8:40am to 5:40pm to install.) And he saw me and said “Joel, Right?” I almost forgot what he looked like. He told me that the only position available was in Danville. 2 1/2 hours away not fun but I can get a apartment for about $500 a month in Danville. Hey, I am so desperate I will take anything.
Also I started my own social website called mymiuchi. Invite every one please join and experience me new site. http://mymiuchi.com

Not a big deal but I found out someone who is a cousin to me though my gramma lives in Japan. COOL. I will contact him sometime.