Quick Update 2

Well I just got a phone call from AT&T Staffing the guy did the oral assessment over the phone. He said my answers were satisfactory and said the next step is for them wait on my background check to go though. He said I will be contacted soon to come in for a drug test and 80lb lifting evaluation.

Pay starts at $13.00/hr with a raise every 6 months and tops off at $16.76/hr. Actual pay depends on past experience. The average Installer makes $523/wk (not sure if that’s take home.). Training is 7 weeks of workbooks and ride-along and their is intermediate testing in between workbooks to make sure you are retaining the information.

He said I will be selected from a pool of candidates for the position and area I applied for. He said if I’m selected I can expect to be hired the beginning of June. Hope I can hold out until then.

If anyone has any jobs (Networking, Surveillance Cameras, Clean Gutters, Mow Lawn or anything else.) I can make a little money with please let me know.