Update 2.4

So I got a phone call on Thursday (5/8) from someone named Sylvia at AT&T Staffing. Just one day after I got the call from the guy who gave me my oral assesment. She was extending the job offer to me with additional details. She commented about William my AT&T contact talking about me and so I guess he came though for me after all. So here are some details.

Pay: $13.08/hr or $523/wk
Benefits: Dental, Medical and Vision
Vacation: One week every 6 Months
Raise Every 6 Months, 10 Paid Holidays and 4 Personal Days.
Union: International Brotherhood of Electrical Wiring Local #21
Uniform: Company branded shirt and long pants or jeans.

She assigned me to a closer garage to my house in Bedford Park, Illinois. I’m scheduled to start June 12th but she will talk to someone today (monday) asking If I can start before then. My first day is in Hoffman Estates all day. Then my 7 weeks of training is in West Mont, Illinois.

She asked me if I accept the conditions and then said I have 24 hours to get my physical. Wow talk about a ring of fire to jump though. That would not be possible if I or someone else had to work to late night and all day the next day.

So I got my physical on Friday (5/8) and according to them I passed it. All I have to wait on my drug-test and background check. I believe I have a 95% chance of getting this job. I left my house at 11am and check-in there around 1:10pm (Had problems finding the place.). This place was in some industrial location off of the Bishop Ford Expressway. WEIRD!!! I waited until 2:40pm (1:30 wait) and was done at 3:30pm. I have to say they had me do everything except a blood test and prostate exam. They had me do my lifting evaluation which included 14 sit ups. The two doctors I saw where white males and the therapy person was a white woman. Not that where would have anything wrong with them if they were black. The therapy lady was very nice except everyone else was not that nice. I think I pulled something because my belly has been hurting since.

Keep praying for me and I believe I will get it soon.