Update 2.5

So this will be the last post of May 2009. Some interesting things have happened the last couple weeks but the most interesting was Friday around 1pm, Sylvia from AT&T left me a voice mail letting me know…………………… I GOT THE JOB. Exciting.

By the time I got the message it was to late call her but monday I will call and hope to get more details. I am scheduled the start June 12th but she did mention there is an opening for June 5th if I wanted it but I think it is a bit late to do that. If I had known a week or two ago I might of done it. First off I still need to let my work know and buy some boot that my dad will need to lend me the money for. ($150 is a lot of money for me now.) I am a bit nervous because I’m getting mixed input on what the 7 weeks of training will actually include. I hear all textbooks and tests or very little books and more ride-a-longs or a bit of both. So I ask for more people pray for me to get though my training. I am working Mon, Tues and Weds closing down a blockbuster store in chicago 10-6 and then close Friday in my normal store then I’m DONE!!! But I will offer to work a day or two early in the week after.

So here my summary of what my plans for the next two years. (Subject To Change)
June 12th: Start my job and get a new car soon after.
July 31st: Finishing Training
Around March to April 2010: Have the money and use my two weeks vacation for my dream trip to JAPAN.

Thats It. See how unpredictable my life has been the last few years.