AT&T Training – Day 1 of 49

I tell you waking up at 4:30am sure makes you tired later. I almost to tired to type this post but I can’t sleep or else I might not be able to sleep tonight. So anyways I got up and ate, got dressed and then drove there. I missed my exit for the Stevenson expressway as stupid as it is the next exit is ogden and so I ended up heading down ogden then backtracking south because I overshot 61st Street buy almost 20 streets.
Then got out of class and realized I left my headlights on and drained my battery. I wish my car would ding when the car is off and the headlights are on. I can not believe how many people rely on roadside assistance. I asked 50 people and no one had jumper cables. finally on of the instructors know where a old pair were in workshop. Then I drove home and my car was acting funny and got stuck behind a guy waiting till the last second to accelerate to highway speeds and left my car stuttering because I need to slowly speed up this made my car act funny for miles after. I’m doing it again tomarrow. I calculated 35 miles one way so that would mean I will burn a tank of gas every 3 days. I guess I will have to barrow money from dad again still 10 days till paycheck.