AT&T Training – Day 2 of 49

So today was day two of my 7 weeks of training. I am sort of depressed/tired (or what ever you would call it) because even though class was fine driving home was honorable. I decided to take 355 home this time and as soon as I entered 55 south a traffic jam for 6 miles. I wish they could put electric signs at the entrance to expressway to let you know if there is a traffic jam. I hoping to hear the traffic on the radio before I entered the highway but it was to later they finally said it as soon as I was on 55. (“A BIT LATE!”) It turned out some guy flipped his semi over on 55 as I drove by it was a massacre. The semi was in 4 many be even 6 pieces. Plus it started raining as a waiting in traffic. HEAVY.

Then traffic was clear on 355 but when I got to 80 it was backed up too because of the semi scale. After the scale the highway was clear. So I just got home and I am ready to take a quick nap.

Today I got my schedule for the remainder of class this week. (And for the heck of it here is today and yesterday.)
Monday – Tool Safety
Tuesday – Ladders (Hard Test for just Ladders)
Wednesday – Driving
Thursday – Customer Service
Friday – CPR (I’m going to become CPR certified)

Then coming Monday is my first ride along (That sounds fun.)

As I mentioned before the union contract expires on June 27th, So I also found out today that every time in the past the employees have ended up going on strike. And it lasted as long as 3 and half weeks. But if you got to work you got to work. My instructor said that if you past the picket line the union will charge you a 1000 dollar fine you got to be kidding me. So there is no point to working he said. He also said this will be most boring week by far because it is the only one with so much lecturing and testing. Bummer he will not be here for week 3 and 4 of training.

I heard a rummer that 3 weeks after the 7 weeks training when we get our trucks and tools we will be partnered with someone. So basically two installers will visit one install with two trucks.

Sayonara til tomorrow.