AT&T Training – Day 3 of 49

So another day another $100’s. I have made about $400 since Friday so my paycheck next week will be nice quick nice when it gets to about $600 before taxes. Today was my driving test and my instructor was quite laid back. You could tell he was tired from the last two days. He said he is used to getting in for 8am class but they changed it to 6am on him. The driving test was easy since the only requirement was drive about 3 miles and don’t die or kill someone and you basically past. Me and one other guy went first out of 6 people and when we got back we joked with the next two and said how hard the test was and how the instructor was yelling at us and they believed us. We were laughing like crazy. We also practiced making coax and cat5 cables for almost an hour that is why a say it was laid back. I already known how to make both (actually all my cat5 don’t like to work.) but the cat5 refresher was good because he gave some pointers that helped me a lot. So now I can make a perfect cable. So tomorrow is just around the corner.