AT&T Training – Day 4 of 49

Well again another day in the can. Tomorrow I will be dropping by blockbuster after class to pick up my last paycheck. Bummer it will only be about $100 about that allow me to buy a lunch all next week during my ride allongs at least and renew Rush 24/7 (I am dying to listen to Rush Limbaugh after class.). Today as you might know was about Customer Service and we finished Electrical Hazards and Asbestos. We had two test and I believe I passed them both. The thing I like about this job so far is the potential for growth is hugh plus in the past the government required AT&T hire only people with training for telecommunications but AT&T went to court and said that first Comcast (The Largest Midwest Cable Provider) and Time Warner (South Cable Provider) is allowed to hire people without training and the government was allowing them in get into the phone business taking away customers from AT&T. So according to my instructor don’t surprise if in 5 years AT&T takes a lot of us good Uverse installers and promotes us to installing Uverse for Businesses and High Rises or even better. Uverse lets people like me without training to get our foot in the door and clime the ladder as high as most of there usual employees like INR (Install & Repair). We are currently on a separate contract but in the future we might be moved to the AT&T CORE contract which would double our pay since Uverse is becoming the backbone of their service.