2009 Tennessee Weekend

Already my three day weekend is up and I feel like a million dollars….. Well maybe not if I had million dollars I would be living in Japan by now.

I had some fun it was bummer I had to return only after one day. The drive was long and things almost kept going wrong. first I get stuck in a traffic jam around Louisville, KY that took me 15 minutes to get 1 mile to a exit and then took a detour around. Then only 50 miles from home another traffic jam that took me 45 minutes to go 5 miles that got off at the exit and went sort of a long but nice way around. It seemed to go way fast to me. I got home at 8:40 and had to almost instantly got o bed. I really wanted to do it because I know if I did not do it then I might never get out of town for the next year. I hope Japan is worth the pain of all this. Like I have said before people ask me “What will you do you get to Japan and decide you hate it their.”. Well….. The answer is easy. “I would kick my self so hard my kids will feel it.”. I have invested the last 4 years and more to come to making it to Japan so all the pain and troubled it has brought will drive me crazy. Like I said before I can not explain this passion for Japan I really think I could live without it. But I feel fueled to pursue it.

I took my old dish network satelite hopping to get signal but I think my dish is to broken to work the plastic adapter for the LNB is cracked. I hope to get a different dish so to see if it works next time.

Funny as it is. I would wondering if my grandpa could get DSL at this farm house in the middle of no where and according to AT&Ts website yes he can. Which is a surprise. But not washburn which is a small town only 5-10 minutes away can get it.

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