AT&T Training – Day 24 of 49

Well, Again not much happened just watched more TV.

We did get out early at 12:45 on good behavior, Just Kidding!. But yes we did get out early. Our instructor said he has done about 25 classes on week 3 in Chicago and he said our class is in his top 5 favorite. He said we were so far always on time and we listened and did not think we known everything. (If I did not mention before our instructor is from Indianapolis.)

I watch a movie called “Knowing” today. Most of you know what this movie is about. It was not a bad movie but I hate movies where in the ending everyone dies even the Hero. “I am legend” ended like that. You should read the review from here.

This morning I drove my dad to work since my car has been out of commission for the last 4 weeks, I think. We left the van at home so the rest of the family could go see “Monster VS. Aliens” at the discounted rate. So we got out early and I all of sudden realized I will have to wait to pick my dad up from work but then I remembered I need to get my hair cut so I went to the Trend Setters School in Tinley Park. (If you are on a budget this is were you should go.) I still had to wait for my dad for 45 minutes but at least I got my hair cut.

I had two funny things happen today first I was driving down the road and noticed a construction sign on a bridge and since the medium was so thin someone had ran into the sign and cracked the corner off the sign. Then at Trend Setters I got my hair cut and the girl who cut my hair was so nice and did such a good job I decided to give her a nice tip of $8. Well, when I paid I noticed a lot of the girls had ice cream and I said “Yum, Ice cream sounds good right now.” and the lady said “Go in the back the Ice Cream Truck will give you some for free.” even though I did not work there. So she walked me though the building and the class rooms then out the door. After I got some Italian Ice I walked back in the door and noticed the girl who cut my hair was standing on the over side of the room talking to some girls and hold my tip envelope in her hand. As so as I walked in she said “I don’t maybe he though I was cute!” then she saw me then blushed and broke eye contact. I left the place with her embarrassed and thinking I gave her such nice tip because she cute. Not to say she was not cute. She was very cute and I will leave it at that.

So I got to get tested tomorrow. So pray I have no problems and remember the steps perfectly. Our instructor said he has never failed anyone so this should be a snap. But I still need confidence. I have always had a bad case of shacking when nervous. I’m slowly fighting to not to shack but since I was young I would always shack when nervous. I had one time someone wanted to ask me about a situation that happened between me and someone else and I known I was not in trouble but I shock rapidly because I was nervous. Last week during my last test I was shacking and my instructor asked me why I was shacking and I said “I usually shack when I’m being tested”. Then he embarrassed me in front of the class by saying “You are not being tested.”; Because he was asking me as a customer. But I would never shack in front of a customer put on the field and I will be your best in customer service. For crying out loud I worked in Customer Service since the being. I was always the top Customer Service rep at Radioshack.