AT&T Training – Day 28 of 49

Today I did a ride along with someone named Milton. I got in my garage today and found out they changed my Manager Again. This time from Angie to Justin. Wonder Why? Today was the first day in a while I drove my car to work. On my way home I stop at the same traffic light that it stalled at a couple weeks ago and I prayed my car would make it home. Thank god it did.

One Sunday we did a couple things to my car like install the new alternator and top off the transmission oil which fix the main problem. On Saturday we looked at a couple cars but because I have no credit no one will approve me without a co-signer and my dad does not want to co-sign. I guess I’m stuck with my mustang for a couple more months. I’m looking at two cars I like Ford Mustang Convertible 2000-2004, Camero w/ T-top and Hyundai Santa Fe. Yes, I for some reason like that little SUV. I was thinking the Santa Fe would be nice because it is a somewhat large car so transporting stuff will not be problem. It gets 21/25 MPG. Which is what my Mustang gets already. I figured I should wait to get a new car but I hope my mustang holds out until then. Pray for my car to continue to run.