AT&T Training – Day 30 of 49

Today was officially was day 30 of 49. So I have 19 days left or 2 1/2 weeks. Today I rod with someone named Ralf. He was ok but he also smoked and made me suffocate. I asked to him if I could be more hands on as possible and yes he did allow me to be more hands on but he gave me the tidiest work starting with having me replace all the coax ends while he connected the gateway which I first asked he if I could do. I’m not complaining it just the point is that I will not learn anything if he has me replace coax ends which I already know how to do. I need to do stuff like the NID and Gateway.

I really can not wait until I have my own truck and tools. My old supervisor said she has a IFD (Laptop) and SecureID Tag but she said she is not giving it to me yet. I think because of the pending strike but according my last several instructors I need my IFD to finish training next week. Again I will not learn how to use my IFD until I can personally have it in my hands.

I can not wait until this job becomes a permanent job then I can focus on working and not dealing with training or these annoying ride alongs. Down the road I want to go to Japan with two weeks of vacation and one day buy my first rental property. So get it together!!!