AT&T Training – Day 32 of 49

OK, OK, OK, I know I forgot to post yesterday. The last two days have been tiring. Going from working 5 hours a week to 11 hours in a single day really takes a hit on me. So yesterday I rode with someone named Thomas he was finally the person I needed to ride with he had me do so much. As soon as my manager Justin said to ride with Thomas, Thomas put his IFD (Laptop) in my hands and my first though was “OH Great, He is the type of guy that makes you carry all his stuff” but then we got to his truck and asked if I wanted to drive. At first I though he was joking, Me drive? What an offer. But, I declined because I felt I was not that confident to take the wheel just yet. Then he told me dispatch our first job. I was like okay where is the camera? Whos playing this joke on me. So far no one has offered for me do so much of the job. So I dispatched our first job which then resulted in getting a two STB, VOIP and Internet Install. On our way he even told me to call the customer. We got to the job and he had me do everything except install the STB boxs. Which is no big deal the previous guys I rode with had me install plenty of boxs besides he needed to do something too. I wired the Gateway, NID and COAX Backfeed. I was so excited.

Today the guy I rode with (Which I can not remember his name.) had me do a lot but not as much. But I did not care after yesterdays ordeal. Today we did two repairs and one install. I coordinated the install and upon arrival found the customer tore down their old house then built a new one on top of it. the DROP was cut from the house so we had to call INR to come install a new one. That took two hours then we installed the service and that took another two hours. Fours hours for a install is not good since all the customer was getting was VOIP and Internet.

So next week is my last week of Class Room Training. Two weeks left then its my turn to go LIVE. That might be fun.

My garage is so close to Midway Airport that every time I see a plane take off I day dream that plane is heading for Japan with me on it. I can not wait until that day comes. One thing my dad has always told me “A lot of people believe god is calling them to someone but when they magically get from point A to point B without any pain or labor then I believe they were not truly called.”. Not to say miracles will not happen but the whole should not be a miracle. Look at me I have then desiring what I believe is my calling for more then 3 years now but yet I know old friends from my childhood who just decided “OH, I want to go to Japan” and suddenly half their family seems to come up with more then 3/4 the money for them to stay there for more then 6 months. But yet if I want to do it I need to earn at least $5000 just to visit Japan for two short weeks. I was always jealous of those people. But now I believe I am really being called to this since things are not coming that easy. This road I travel is a long and dirty path. Continue to pray for me please.