AT&T Training – Day 37 of 46

Day 37… Well still no word about Friday. Today we did Inside Wiring the stupid thing is what we are doing is basically the same thing as earlier this week. It is a real bummer that the other techs have to do this for a whole week. If nothing happens for Friday, I’m thinking of asking my manager if I can just have Friday off.

Out of the blue I have gotten two orders on my JMPetProducts website. One was for four copies of a book written by Jack. (A vet my family has know from church for the last several years.) and other order was for some bracket for a fish filter which I can not find of my drop shippers website. I raised the price on book after this order because this my third order for it and I am not making any profit from it.

Asakichi-san emailed me and said he was sending me some more green tea from his grand mother. I need to think of a gift to send him in return. I like making this connection with Asakichi because I hope if I visit Japan one day we can meet up and he can give me a personal tour.