Update 5.1

I think I finally found my new car. Friday my manager called me and asked if I wanted Saturday off. So since I was not felling that great I decided to. So that morning I asked my dad hey can we go to the Matteson Auto Mall and look at some cars. So we did and this time we went to Planet Honda and looked around. They were very nice and up front about the price they even put a price quote in front of us WITH THE PRICE THEY PAID FOR IT ON IT. I recommend them to anyone who is looking for a new cars. Lets continue since I am done with advertisement. So we walked on the lot and test drove three cars. I have been looking at the Hyundai Santa Fe but after driving a Santa Fe, CRV and a Toyota Rav4, I just loved the Rav4 (No, I am not getting it since my Aunt has one.). The dealership did not push us nor insist on running our credit. In the end we ended up taking the Rav4 home on loan til Monday without any trouble. After driving it more I am going to get it for sure. We are going back after I work to make an offer tomorrow. They paid only $8500 and the asking price is only $9988. What a steal being in perfect condition and only 67000 Miles on it. I never realized that I would fall in love with a car that I was not looking at in the first place nor even planing on visiting the dealership. The best thing is it is a JAPANESE CAR. I opened the door on the Rav4 this morning and a Japanese Beetle flew out and I made the joke a Japanese Beetle in a Japanese Car. It must be a sign??? Just joking.

As far as my job goes I finally got an answer when I start and my manager said September 1st. I can not wait.