Update 5

Back to my usual updates and like always for the last several days there has not been much new developments in my Job. First I still am not live. I am under new management as of August 1st. He was transferred from a different garage and he says nothing gets done around our garage. He really wants me to go live but Justin my old manager says THE MANAGERS HAVE TO HAVE MEETING TO DECIDE. What? A Meeting? AT&T Corp thinks I’m live already. Ever since I moved up stairs people have been using my Computer and TV like it is theirs. So since it seems someone spilled something StIcKy in my keyboard which is giving my arms a work out to push the buttons I will make this short.

Job: Still not live.
Health: Got hit in the eye with a rock from the lawn mower on Tuesday. Better the next day.
Politics: Still Corrupt.
Paycheck: Shorted Travel Pay for my last week of training in Westmont.
Latest Anime I’m watching: The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

Today at church I talked to someone about my job and I ended up getting on the subject of my love for Anime and Japanese Culture so after talking to him I find out his Son and Sons Friend love to draw Anime. I saw his sons friends work and I was very impressed I encouraged him to pursue his dream and after his dad came up to me and thanked me for encouraging his son. That makes me fell good that I can help influence someone.