Pole Climbing, Bucksqueeze and Ladders. Day 1 of 5.

If the title makes you wonder it should because it is the title the course I have been enrolled in starting today and going till Friday. I tell you climbing a pole if one of the hardest things to do. I required to use a bucksqueeze fall restriction device to prevent the user from well hitting the ground. Apparently the user will and can still hit their face and body into the pole.

Today I climbed as high as 8 feet then realized how much I was afraid of heights. I confident I can pass the 6 foot test and maybe the 12 foot test but I’m scared to death of the last test of 18 feet. Please pray for me that god gives me strength to climb that pole without fear and without forgetting the steps. My fingers are cold and fatigue from gripping the bucksqueeze. I’m trying my hardest not forget the steps but when I learn a new step I forget something in between.

I feel like I deserve a reward if pass this class at the end of the week. I might have to think of something myself.