Facts of History 1.0: The Real Battle of Los Angeles

You might have heard of the movie coming out called “Battle of Los Angeles” but did you know it was based on a real event. In 1942, five years before Roswell, a huge craft was spotted coming in low over Los Angeles. It was hit by spotlights and photographed. The first thoughts were not of Extra-terrestrial but that it must had been sent by the Japanese. While it sat over the city, nearly motionless, and in plain view of thousands of folks and because of the recent Pearl Harbor incident the army started shooting anti-aircraft guns at it. 1300 rounds, 6 people died and shrapnel rained down. What ever it was, it eventually cruised off over Long Beach and disappeared into the night. The next day the above photo was published in the LA Times. Several years later the government claimed it was a weather balloon. Why is that always their explanation?