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Butter Pecan Syrup Recipe

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Coffee! Do stupid things faster with more energy.

Being the firstborn in my family, unforchantly meant I came along well before my parents decided to start eating more health conscious and sadly this means I learned some pretty bad eating habits early on in life, with my weight topping at about 255lbs when I was 24 years old should be proof of that. I had a rough time until till recently trying to lose all that weight, only to gain it back in a short time period. At one time I was down to 195 lbs and did it ever feel amazing. Anyways, I’ve settled with watching my weight more closely and I’m at least content knowing I’m about 30 lbs down from my original weight of 255 lbs and I have a long way to go of achieving my weight goal within the next couple years. To make matters worse, it’s going very “SLOWLY” which only adds to my frustration but my weight lose story is for another day and another post.

Point is, one sinful indulgence I have is my love to drink “fancy” coffee, I love the idea of flavored coffee and how it can challenge my tastebuds. For sometime now, my absolute favorite syrup has to be caramel and still is but recently I’ve come to loving Butter Pecan as probably my second choice. Considering that I’ve been trying to eat healthier, it can guilt me to drink a large Dunkin’ Donuts coffee knowing all the extra junk they (or any national coffee chain) adds to their syrups. Interestingly my wife found a love for coffee as I exposed her to it on our first date back in January of 2014. Knowing that we intend to teach our kids healthier eating habits then what we were raised on, I decided to make my own Butter Pecan recipe. From what I could find online, Caramel is technically scorched milk while butter pecan is scorched butter/cream. I know my recipe is technically far from perfect but it’s preservative free and less sugar since I substituted part of the sugar with Stevia in the Raw. Sidenote, do know that I had no source of pecan flavoring when I invented this recipe, so I made the recipe without it but if I’m not mistaking you should only need to add a tiny bit of natural pecan extract. I fully intend to update this post if and when I make alterations.