One Problem with Conservative Bloggers

Okay, why do you guys keep doing this to yourself? This is why much of liberal America can’t take us conservatives seriously. YES! They are wrong and to be clear, I’m making no sermon about let’s get along and cross the aisle. They need to be destroyed but throwing flame wars and giving into intentional trolls is not going to help. But I digress for the time being. But there is one man who’s particularly troublesome, that man is Matt Walsh. Come on man, you have some great points and I can stand by you on comments like “If one boy tries it then, others might just lie and see if it works.” or “How do we truly test for trans-gendered people? Just require them to wear the opposite clothes for a couple months?”

*Sigh* Okay, so one article I’m talking about in particular is his one titled; Forcing Girls to Share a Bathroom with a gender confused Boy is Abuse. Again, great points, he should get a cookie but…… there is one thing that very much disturbs me about his article. That being his extremely happy-go-lucky use of the phrase “mentally ill” or “mentally confused”. He flings the word around with no regard for the weight it carries, specially mentally ill. Do you know what we did with people that were mentally ill at one time, we threw them in mental institutions and administered shock therapy. Then we just shrugged our shoulders and said they deserved it. This is Nazism, you are saying that anyone that disagrees with your beliefs or point of view should be removed from society. I agree with his analysis of this kid and I believe he has no right to use the girl’s restroom but should you go as far as saying he’s mentally ill? He’s selfish and needs some guidance, which sadly I assure you he will not receive. He was offered a great solution and his desire to use the girls restroom makes him sound like he’s just faking it, which is outside the scope of this post.

Making this more personal; one reason I so much dislike anyone being called mentally ill, is because some people will also label a Geek, such as myself also as mental ill. My wife and I are huge Geeks, maybe not the Star Wars geek that most people are familiar with but nevertheless still geeks. Sadly, I get the feeling that people like Matt Walsh would be the type to label geeks such as our selves as mentally ill and why? Because we don’t fit into his views of what is socially accepted as normal. I know many fellow geeks that also feel the same way about other people who claim to be Conservative or Christian and if we keep labeling anyone who does not fit into these social norms they have arbitrarily invented then we will be alienating those who are not mentally ill, just different.

I don’t want to get into what particular areas of geek hobbies could easily be labeled as mentally ill but you can easily find them on my other social media websites. I know this was a really quite post but honestly I don’t need to write home about it, simply put conservative bloggers don’t always pick the best choice in words. Sure, I understand that alternative bloggers like myself don’t always do either but I can’t easily excuse this when technically people like Matt Walsh and myself are on similar sides of the spectrum.

~ Chiori-chan