Target is NOT making your kids gay!

Okay, so I’m going to have to apologize somewhat in advance for this one because I have so many family friends that would probably completely disagree with what I’m about to discuss today in this article.


“Since when were we getting a moral compass from Target?” – Rachel Greene (My Wife)

So almost a month ago now, Target made the “SINFUL” decision that they would start removing the gender labeling from their children’s non-clothing aisles, i.e., toys. I was surprised, as well as not surprised at the sheer number of people that got all irate over this decision. Many people started posting inraged comments of Facebook, while other began calling Target corporate complaining and saying they were no longer going to buy from Target if they went thru with this decision.

So earlier today my wife and I were shopping at Target and she was taking her time looking for a particular set of MLP figures to use in a crafting project. No one was the wiser until I asked, “Honey, did Target finally remove the gender labeling from the toys?” She looked around for a moment and answered “No, I don’t think so. Why?” “Where is the pink, the blue, the words boy or girl?” I pointed out that the walls of the toy aisle were now a plain wood patterned paper. Once we got to the front counter, I asked the cashier if the change was made yet, she politely answered, yes.

She said it was sad to see how many people online were upset over this. She even agree that all they did was remove the colored backdrops, removed sections dedicated to one gendered version of some toys, such as “Girl’s building sets” and moved all the childrens bedding to the same aisle.

She proceeded to tell me that they even had a customer in the store the week prior, complaining to the store manager about this change. Some of the customers exact words were, “I can’t believe Target is only selling to transgendered children now.” Yeah, you heard that right, only transgendered children. *sigh* Okay, so I want to make something clear on Targets behalf to all you misinformed people, THEY ARE NOT SELLING TO JUST TRANSGENDERED CHILDREN! People seriously, Target is only doing what makes business sense and as my wife’s quote from above says, when did we start looking to a non-christian company like Target to tell us what our morals are.

Honestly, I was a bit disturbed and saddened to see someone like Franklin Graham at the forefront trying to encourage the boycott of Target and the calling in to complain about this decision. Honestly, Franklin, you a great christian evangelist but I’m going to have to disagree with your arguments. I have many family friends that would boycott anything in an instant just because some company does something that they disagree with. Someone I know decided to started boycotting Home Depot just because they started extending benefits to gay partners a few years back. I’m sorry to say this but boycotting is really no longer a working option, you are out numbered and a business like Home Depot losing your $20 paint purchase is really not that damaging to their bottom line these days, but I digress.


Now, as for my opinion on this, “Why has this taken so long to finally happen?” Okay! Okay! Before you start throwing flaming crucifixes at your computer screen, hear me out. Honestly, look at the toys kids are playing with these days. How many of said toys are already gender-neutral? Action figures are just dolls made for boys. Lego has made building sets targeted at girls for years now and many girls prefer the normal/boys sets, which I honestly think is because most the Girl’s building sets appear to target what I can only say is, *cough* less coordinated… kids. You can’t sit there and tell me that’s not sexist on Lego’s part. Now, look at how many TV shows and movies are now targeting both genders. Let’s consider Disney’s Frozen, they are marketing products with Elsa and Anna to girls, while marketing Olaf and Sven to the boys. Now, I have some other issues with that kind of gender marketing but honestly does it make sense to put half the Frozen toys in one aisle and the other half in another. Okay so maybe this layout might better serve “transgendered” children, latte da! But honestly, how is this suppose to make your son gay? How is it that we don’t want our boys playing with Barbie dolls but are okay with them playing with a shirtless GI Joe?

I understand that I could go on and sadly, it might not change your mind but consider that maybe your gender bias views are more harmful to your kids gender identity than healthy. To be completely honest, I walked all those toy aisles earlier today and what was obviously boys toys are still easy to spot and vise-versa. Honestly, are board games gender bias? Are Legos? Are Hotwheels? All those toys I just named are now sold in some way or another for both boys and girls. And if color is your argument then you need to check your facts because at one time pink was considered a boys color. This is all cultural meaningless to God, he cares about the heart, not what man thinks.

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Target is NOT your compass for moral guidelines, they are simply a business and again I say, “Why did this not happen sooner?” Please consider what I had to say next time you go browsing your local Target. Honestly, I don’t even think you will notice. Even more so, I don’t think your kid(s) will notice either and if you have to pry that pink toy from your son’s hands then I think your moral issues go much further than just Target’s front door.

Also, can I make it clear that this is not a win for the transexuals nor the gender fluid crowd. No one is actually winning from this. It’s just the removal of a labeling that I believe was reinforcing some old gender stereotypes that honestly don’t fit into today’s culture anymore. If you at all think that girls can get normal jobs outside the home or that men can become nurses or hair stylists then why are you clinging to this outdated idea that girls play with pink toys and boys play with blue toys. Times are changing and we need to be keeping up or we as christians will lose any and all influence in the world.