My Top 4 Perdictions for the Next 20 Years

So 2016 is here and I’m embarrassed to admit my commitment to write on this blog frequently for the last two months has drop off. I had a few different articles I considered but never got around to fleshing out. But with a new year, I’m going to commit to changing all that, not so much a new years resolution but more just starting again. So saying that, I present my top 4 predictions for the next 20 years. Some of these I believe could be prevented if the right steps are taken but as the world stands today, I don’t see them being avoidable.

#4 – The copyright system will be reformed, again!

So back in the late nineties, Mickey Mouse was slipping dangerously close to becoming Public Domain and obviously the Walt Disney Corporation was hellbent on preventing this. So they and a few other major corporations lobbied congress to extend the copyright laws and they did, by decades. And to quote Anna from Frozen, “That’s horrible.”. And to the dismay of many people such as myself, we have not seen a single copyrighted work enter the Public Domain since then. I believe I heard the last known work to expire was from 1919. And In my opinion this move by congress was only a bandage to remedy an immediate situation, as we are due to start seeing copyrighted works enter the Public Domain once again coming sometime after 2019.

This unforchantly is going to put us right back where we started. The Walt Disney Corporation will have to act fast to prevent their precious Mouse from going rough. And this is why I don’t just see a simple change happening but possibly an entire reform of what we have come to know as the United States Copyright System and it could be devastating to the entire system. With the likes of already fighting off SOPA or PIPA, we also have an outdated copyright system that predates the internet and this is what’s most troubling. And I won’t be the first to admit something needs to be done, since the invention of the Internet, up holding your right to Fair Use has become the ever more difficult. Just take a look at the recent DMCA claim issues on YouTube. Frankly, if the copyright system does get reformed, be ready for the whole mess of lobbying to the process. And I guarantee that smaller creators like us will have very little to no input on the process. The mass corporations could end up influencing the creation of an iron grip type copyright law, laced with mega fines and fees on individuals, that will most likely devastate anyone drawing Steve the kangaroo in their garage on weekends. Okay! Maybe not that but you get my point.

Many people are already complaining about the cost of registering a copyright and I hate to say it but, I can guarantee that the costs will only go up. Plus to make matters worst you need a copyright if you hope to have any legal authenticity going up against a huge corporation for stealing from you. There is also the slight possibility that we will get simply just another bandage on the problem, which I don’t think will be the best solution either. I just hope we have good and honest congressmen on that day who will make the right choices and help develop a system in the favor of giving the average Joe more freedom while allowing the corporations to protect their rights. I’ve always thought the idea of a tier based copyright system would work better, as each copyright carries the same power. Individuals will get the until death plus 70 years, we used to have, while corporations will get something slightly longer but with maybe requiring they prove reason to keep the copyright active. Unforchantly, there is no one fix all answer.

#3 – Intelligence and common sense will continue to decline

This prediction should come as no surprise but I feel it’s worth as least briefly mentioning. But in short, we will see a continued decline of intelligence and/or common sense in the general populous. This will primarily be due to the continued bad schooling methods kids receive these days, this includes college educations that are not fairing up too well either.

Sadly, I believe there will be a reaction to all this as we see a separation of people based on education levels. It’s interesting that evolutionist also have made such theories too, saying that our species will split into two groups based on intelligence. I don’t believe their evolution model of millennia or that it will even be a genetic change. We are already seeing a split as those we would be considered uneducated, are working the lower wage jobs and continually finding them selves in debt and/or trouble with the law. But where this really stems from is our government having no desire to fix this problem. They want to see this happen as people like these make great unquestioning followers. *cough* As we have already seen in modern politics.

#2 – There will be another video game crash

Much like the crash of the early 1980’s, I believe we will see another similar crash, with a very similar cause from companies putting out terrible games only to make a quick buck. For the most part I believe this crash could be isolated to specific gaming platforms. Mobile gaming in my opinion is the most vulnerable right now and it will probably be because people will get fed-up with all the micro-transactions that all free-to-play games love to demonstrate. Mobile developers just coming out with more and more crap games will just quicken the process.

It’s possible that most other platforms will also see some sort of decline, such as companies like Kanami, as they choose to continue to not listen to their gaming fans. But it’s also possible that some titles and/or companies won’t be affected. For example, Nintendo; If they continue to make better choices and continue to deliver timeless title after timeless title, they could escape this. Indie games could also escape the decline as people could end up flocking to the new guy on the block instead. In the end, I do believe this will lead to many better innovations in the video game industry.

#1 – We will all be its!

We will all be its!

Playing on a book of a similar title, I predict that if this country (and the world) continues on this path of coming out as trans-everything, we will see a total rewrite of the definition of male and female. My mom joked about this a few years ago and it should be no joke as I believe it could very much happen. By no means will the old definition disappear entirely, instead their will start to be a shift of removing the male or female label. I believe you will probably see this first within the government and business as the use of gender labels. Sometime around then, the medical institution will shift to it only becoming a medical term for the exact reason of either precise treatments or the recording of what sex a baby left the womb as. Companies will no longer be allowed to label their employees as male or female. Quite possibly the labeling of bathrooms will even become blurred, there will still probably be a men’s and women’s bathroom but they will find ways to label them so not to alienates the other gender. In fact we might see a move to implement a third gender of restrooms or co-op, both are possibilities. And I’m not saying this will happen everywhere all at once but instead will slowly trickle down from other places. Schools will probably be the earliest to adapt these changes, as children will basically be free to use whatever gendered bathroom they wish. A boy claiming to be on his cycle won’t raise any questions and it won’t matter if he’s talking figuratively or not. Teachers could receive disciplinary action for implying a gender labels on even the most straight of kids. Having a hard time believing me, just look at the shear number of totally bizarre cases in the news. Also don’t forget hot topics such as Gay’s suing over Cakes and Wedding venues.

Commonly I hear people say they wouldn’t be comfortable having another gender use the same restroom as them but I’m sorry to break it to you but that’s a poor argument when you were raised from a young age that boys do not use the girls bathroom. If children are brain-washed into thinking this is normal, they will not question it later in life and even more so as these kids become adults, they will sadly shape society as even less gendered as time goes on. In this new gender-less society those screwed will be those who still apply normal gender labels on themselves. You know the best way I could put this is it will essentially become a real life Tumblr. Go browse Tumblr, it’s not hard to find some person complaining about the labels that have been placed on them. Sadly I have to admit that I’m not condemning nor promoting these changes as in many ways I think it’s a consequence of an old heavily gender labeled system that needed to change years ago but never kept up with the times. And It’s going to cost those who refused to make the change the most, these people will be the ones that got all hot headed over Target’s toy aisle change or the legalization of gay marriage. We are no longer a Christian nation and it just makes us look foolish to complain, mostly because that seems to be all we can do these days. So in my opinion we need to change it not just complain about it.