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Frozen: Plot Holes

So this post has technically been overdue for some time now. I promised a continuation of my first Frozen post but it’s been difficult to find time to do the research. Over the last month, I finally found time to do some prep work and I think I finally feel ready to post something.

A Frozen Heart

A Frozen Heart by Elizabeth Rudnick

One of these many prep work tasks was to read the recent novel based on Frozen, titled A Frozen Heart. I’m sure if push came to shove, it would be regarded as non-canon, but I would say it’s the next best thing to a continuing story that we could ask for. In the novel, we take a sophisticated look at events of Frozen, exploring Anna and Han’s backstories, motivations, and doomed relationship.

Starting with a short review of the book, I’d like to say… it was good! The parts that involved material not included in the movie were well written and in my opinion did not break the original story. The chapters alternated between Anna and Hans, which provided a better understanding to their characters throughout the story. I do however have one complaint; probably half the book is scenes repeated line for line from the movie. While this was tolerable, it only got worse as the end drew near. It wasn’t bad enough that I wouldn’t recommend the book, but there was so much more the author could have done had she explored more original material–or at least an original interpretation of the movie scenes.

That being said, there were a few excellent scenes.  Most notable was the progression of Anna’s heart as it froze. I’ve lived most my life in Chicago and I can say a decent windchill on your face is really painful; give it long enough and your skin will hurt as it literally freezes and then recovers. I was imaging that feeling as I was reading the very descriptive process Anna was experiencing; it just made me hurt. I’d have to say it was the most painful piece of writing I’ve ever read.

Other scenes I’d note would include Hans’s relationship with his family and Anna’s regrets, but I won’t spoil too much.

So what is this post about?  I want to address a few of the plot holes people commonly point out about the movie.  A lot of people like to rail on the movie’s supposed weak links, and I want to debunk (or prove) some of them.  Obviously, spoiler alert, I will be talking about the movie in-depth.  But really, shame on you if you haven’t seen it yet!

Disney's Frozen

Disney’s Frozen

Why does the town accept (and forgive) Elsa so soon?

Let’s start with the easy pickings: Why did the kingdom accept and then forgive Elsa so soon? Well, let’s consider the scene where her powers were first revealed to the public.  We know the kingdom adores her, even if they have only seen her in paintings or in passing at formal events. Suppose the Queen of England was one day revealed to have magical powers; the British are very loyal to their queen, so I don’t think they would immediately start calling for her head unless they blatantly witnessed her injuring people. Furthermore, the people did not have very much time to even fully grasp the situation; when Elsa shot a bolt of ice at the duke, I think people were only taking a step back out of surprise and caution. If they truly thought she was a monster, wouldn’t they be running from the castle in terror?  Wouldn’t the kingdom have descended into chaos after she ran away and Anna took after her? I believe the kingdom had too much trust in their queen to immediately distrust her. Once they had Princess Anna, another beloved member of the Royal Family, show her trust for Elsa, I think things went over better than anyone would have expected.

And as for forgiveness, what was there to forgive? Yeah, she froze the land and put the kingdom though a rough patch, but she never directly injured or insulted them. And for those closer to her, like many of the dignitaries, I believe they came around even quicker once they had a shared enemy to dislike. Again, I don’t feel that this is really that huge of a plot hole for the movie. Speaking in terms of real life, how many times have people like Elsa feared that they could never be forgiven, and yet their family and friends came together to support them?  Maybe the kingdom forgiving and accepting her so quickly serves as an example that sometimes people can surprise us.

Where do Elsa’s powers come from?

So I will admit, this is a pretty good question. Where did Elsa get her powers?  Her father, Agar, says she was born with it. Now we can assume that being cursed with the powers has also happened, since the troll had to ask to clarify, which makes one wonder if ice powers had been seen in this kingdom before.  Well, let’s start by examining the original story the movie is based on, The Snow Queen, written by Hans Christian Andersen and first published in 1844. The book starts by telling the story of “the devil” who attempts to take an magic troll mirror that distorts the appearance of everything into the heavens, intending to use it to make fools of God and his angels. The mirror slips from his grasp and falls to earth, shattering into billions of pieces; carried by the wind, these shards find their way into the hearts and eyes of people, freezing their hearts and making their eyes like the troll-mirror itself. Years later a boy named Kai is cursed with some of these shards; they make him cruel and aggressive, which destroys his relationship with Gerda, who is the inspiration for Princess Anna.

According to the creators of Frozen, they had a long and somewhat winded explanation to where Elsa’s powers came from. Sadly this was all cut for time and continuity, but the demo song “Life’s Too Short” was released in the deluxe edition of the soundtrack.  This song was later replaced with “For the First Time in Forever (Reprise),” and it contains several nuggets of information about the original backstory.  From that song we learn that there is some sort of prophecy; Anna quite literally says, “I’m the only one who is not 100% convinced the prophecy is you!”  She later, in a fit of passion, suggests that perhaps Elsa is  “the prophecy,” causing Elsa to react in anger and accidentally freeze Anna’s heart.  We can therefore assume that Elsa and the kingdom has been aware of the prophecy, and perhaps when Elsa’s powers were revealed, there were rumors that she was the fulfillment.

The prophecy itself was revealed in another deleted song:

Your future is bleak
Your kingdom will splinter
Your land shall be cursed
With unending winter
With blasts of cold will come dark art,
And a ruler with a frozen heart!
Then all will perish in snow and ice!
Unless you are freed with a sword sacrifice!

Unfortunately this prophecy does not provide very much explanation to why Elsa has powers; it only states that, assuming Elsa is the prophecy, she will have a frozen heart and that her magic is actually of the dark arts. Sadly, this sounds more like the original story by H.C. Andersen and, as we know, Frozen has changed much from the original tale. As the troll said, her magic has beauty but she must learn to control it or it will become her enemy.

While the “prophecy” plot seems to have been disbanded, another hint did make it into the movie:  the book that Elsa’s father references in the beginning of the movie.  The ancient book is written in Old Norse Runic, which is the language of the Scandinavians during the Viking Age. The Viking Age is the period from A.D. 793–1066; considering the approximate date in which Frozen takes place, this means the curse and its related lore has been around for over 700 years.


The title of the book, as shown in the first shot, can be roughly translated to “Runes of Known Magic.”  As for the text shown on the inside of the book, I want to thank Panya’s Blog for providing a thorough translation. Here is what I believe the text is saying: “Cursed by the ice sorcery brought forth by the powers of the full moon. The Trolls from the dark mountain realm, who have hands to heal. A soul which was wounded by cold will heal, if brought very quickly to the valley of the Trolls. The Trolls have the ability to remove all ice sorcery from the body, but only an act of true love will thaw a frozen heart.” I suggest you go read the original translation as mine is heavily edited to make more sense.

Deciphering the Runes Book in Disney’s Frozen

As we can see from the translation and the illustration in the book, a man has been cursed with ice sorcery brought forth by the full moon. I say “cursed” because this would be why Grand Pappy asked if Elsa was born with it or cursed. I will go off on a limb and say that one can be born with this “ice sorcery” if they are a descendant of an ancestor who was also cursed with it. I’m going to assume this ice sorcery is taken from the evil troll mirror that fell to earth in H.C. Andersen’s original story. While this isn’t a complete backstory, it does give us a good idea where Elsa’s powers come from.

Real quickly, I want to note that Elsa’s father obviously knew how to read the runes. It actually appears that this language is still in use in Arendelle at the time of the movie. We see Old Norse Runic written on the King and Queen’s grave stones, and we also see it on the cover of books used by the Bishop during Elsa’s coronation and the Trolls while they were trying to marry Anna and Kristoff.

How did Hans expect to take the throne, since royal succession does not work like that?

I’m going to assume that if you’ve read or watched any material on Frozen plot holes, this one would likely be near the top. While I agree that Hans’s plan was far fetched, I feel it actually could have been possible. Why do I think this? Well, let’s look at the official laws of Arendelle… Wait, Arendelle is a fictional kingdom. Well, since we know Arendelle is based on the Norwegian town of Arendal, let’s look at Norway’s government. Norway as of today is a constitutional monarchy, established in their 1814 Constitution; this means that power is divided between the Parliament, the King, and the Supreme Court. While this may not be the type of government we see in Frozen, it still gives us an idea of what Hans would have needed to successfully supersede as King of Arendelle.

So let’s start with the elephant in the kingdom; Hans, as everyone has tried to say many times, can’t take the throne from Anna and Elsa simply by axing them off (not to be morbid or anything). Well… they might be wrong there. Britain also has a Parliament, and according their Bill of Rights (1689) and Act of Settlement (1701), Parliament can regulate succession to anyone they see fit, as long as the sovereign be in communion with the Church, swear to preserve the established Church, and uphold the Protestant succession. While Norway is not England, it is stated in the Norwegian constitution that if the current monarch has no suitable heirs, a council of sixty representatives can select whoever they thought would better “…guard God’s right and the laws of the land…”

So what does this mean for Hans? Well, it means that if the Parliament, assuming Arendelle has one of sorts, could appoint Hans as King if they determined the throne was vacant. There was obviously some kind of council or acting ruler running the kingdom in the three years between when Elsa’s parents died and Elsa’s coronation.  We also see the passel of dignitaries following Anna’s (and then Hans’s) commands almost without question, so I do not think Hans would have had a hard time manipulating them if it came to that.

And lastly let’s just consider that Anna did make the last second decision to run for Kristoff instead of Elsa and froze. Elsa would be dead in cold blood (no pun intended) and, as far as the dignitaries of Arendelle know, Hans said his wedding vows with Anna. While they might have questions, they would still consider him to be the king/prince consort.  While this does not make him king automatically, he would have more leverage with the council. But thankfully he was not successful and we will never know. All I can say is I’m at least more forgiving of this plot hole now that I know he might have had a minor, very minor chance of taking the throne legally.


Other Plot Holes

Why did the town applaud when Anna punched Hans, seeing they had no idea Hans was evil?

When I first saw this one come across the table, I immediately agreed. It was quite odd that immediately after Elsa has ended the winter, Anna gave Hans a nice hefty punch in the face–which I’d love to talk more about Anna’s no-fear complex sometime in the near future–and the dignitaries are seen standing on a balcony applauding her actions, whereas they had supported Hans moments before. I would assume the dignitaries were able of clearly seeing over the entire fjord from the balcony, which might mean they saw more of the final battle.  But even more importantly, their first thought was probably “Princess Anna is alive!” That right there is enough for them to realize something is up, and they are going to immediately side with their princess and follow her lead.  Secondly, wouldn’t you also applaud a woman for punching a man? Society doesn’t tend to ask questions when women defend themselves against men.

Elsa never left her room?

Honestly, yes and no. We have some evidence to show that she did leave her room from time to time. Early on we see Anna seeing Elsa come and go from her room, and when the king and queen leave for their trip, she’s saying goodbye at the bottom of the steps–obviously outside of her room. Later Elsa appears to move into the official king’s chambers, as shown while she’s preparing for the coronation. After her parents died, I’m sure she withdrew even more in her grief, but that doesn’t mean she never left.  It’s more a figure of speech.  Many times people follow this plot hole up with, the question, “What did she do in there?”  Frankly, I believe is a result of people having way too much to do these days. They did not have the Internet or any technology to keep them occupied back then, and I think this leads to people thinking they had nothing to do. I have friends that can sit for hours a day just reading or knitting, so I don’t doubt her ability to find activities.  Plus she, like Anna, had royal lessons to learn during her teens.

Why did the king and queen lock her up, and why didn’t they seek help?

From whom, I ask, should they have sought help? I can assume the king is the only one who has any idea what’s going on. Also I bet the queen married from outside the kingdom and is possibly a sister to Rapunzel’s mother as people have suggested, hence why the king and queen would sail to Rapunzel’s kingdom for the royal wedding. We know that the king and queen talked with the trolls in the opening, but like many parents, they usually don’t know that they are making a mistake until it’s far too late to change it. Such is the risk of parenting when you’re dealing with such an unusual and stressful circumstance.  Sadly they died at sea and they will never learn what became of their daughters.

Parents die and then nobody takes care of the sisters for the next couple of years?

This is actually not true. Both Anna and Elsa were taken care of by their royal servants. We also have Kai–not Kai from the The Snow Queen but instead a servant of the Royal House.  We are told in the book that he has known the family for a long time. The castle might have a limited staff but this does not mean there was no one to care for them. As for who ran the kingdom, Elsa was unofficially made queen when her parents died, although it wasn’t until the age of 21 that she is officially crowned.  Depending on the laws of the kingdom, she may have ruled directly, or a council may have ruled by proxy until she was of age.

Why did Anna never leave the castle on her own?

Okay, so I admit, this one sort of baffles me too. We can only suppose that her parents kept her indoors to keep the family’s affairs private, although that isn’t entirely fair to her.  While it is technically said that Anna “never left” the castle until Elsa’s coronation, that’s not completely true.

As you can see from this picture of the king and queen’s graves, Anna left the castle. Any trips outside the castle were probably accompanied, but that is normal for royalty. While it was minor, she did leave and had the opportunity to do things like learn to ride a horse. She might have been disallowed from having direct contact with people within the village. But like my point about who ran the kingdom before Elsa was officially queen, I bet her parents had rules set, like keeping the gates closed, and family servants such as Kai made sure to follow those guidelines. This is why the king and queen would have close servants to run things while they were absent.


And there you have it, my opinion on Frozen’s most popular “plot holes.” I find the story of Frozen a very tragic one, like most of Hans Christian Andersen’s writings. But I feel like the true victim of Frozen is Anna. Anna’s journey is very sad, as she is not only rejected and frozen alive, but she is also forced to live a life of solitude. Elsa might be the one who needed to learn how to get over her fears, but Anna was the one who suffered, to the point that she begged for forgiveness for her desire to simply be reunited with her sister, as said in the book. Frozen is an amazing story and I hope it will become a classic much like the original, but I guess only time will tell. Frozen has tugged on our hearts as it tells a very deep, emotional story. It’s not just a kids’ movie; it’s also a very adult story dealing with death, fear, and grief. In many places of the story, I believe it’s too deep for people to even fully comprehend the tragedy, which is why some people seem to lose sight of the true meaning and instead trip over the plot holes they want to see.


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The Doll Life – Part 1 of 2

So the other day, I was browsing my local Kansas City Lolita group on Facebook, when I came across a post regarding a new TV series that premiered on the myxTV channel. I’m not familiar with the channel and that probably has something to do with my wife and I choosing not to have Pay TV in our house. Blu-rays and Netflix are more than enough for us.

The Doll LifeThe show is titled “The Doll Life” and features a small business by the name of Dolldelight, located in San Diego, CA. Dolldelight claims to create original outfit designs for people who wear Doll Fashion. Well obviously this has many within the Lolita community upset, as we Lolitas continuously have issues of being confused with other not-so-great fashions and hobbies. One of the most notable is Doll Fashion and to set the record straight, Lolita is a completely different fashion for various reasons. One difference that can set Doll Fashion and Lolita apart is it’s tendency to resemble cosplay or what we Lolita’s sometimes will call a Lace Monsters. People who wear Doll Fashion in particular, try to make themselves resemble fancy Victorian style dolls. Some wearers of Doll Fashion will even wear skin colored tights with designs that resemble ball joints, a common feature of most Victorian style dolls.

I understand the concerns of many Lolitas, as there was unforchantly an episode of My Strange Addictions on TLC that featured an individual that was overly addicted to not only wearing Doll Fashion but also looking just like the doll. This episode has warranted a large number of people outside both fashions to commonly ask Lolitas if we are one in the same. I personally was not very much phased by the episode, like many were, as I’ve had a decent share of negative media causing people to assume things about myself. One instance I can recall in particular, is the whole Brony fandom, I honestly think the media did more damage to the Brony fandom than what My Strange Addictions did to Lolitas. As of writing this post, there were three episodes of The Doll Life on MyxTV’s website, in this post I plan to only review the first two and share some concluding thoughts. I might do a follow up post once the remaining episodes are uploaded but for the time being, here we go.

Episode 1: Photoshoot

In this episode, Dolldelight was holding auditions for two new “dolls” as well as to do a photoshoot to introduce them online.

The episode serves as more an introduction to the series and their “brand”. Cyril apparently first started sewing Lolita Fashion but due to the criticism she received she decided to separate herself from Lolita and start calling her fashion, Dollie Style, which I will just call Doll Fashion, for reasons. I am a tiny bit happy and surprised, Cyril took a “quick” moment to point out that Lolita Fashion is not Doll Fashion, but sadly she had to focus on the ugly parts of the Lolita community and that did make me upset at both her and the Lolita elitist that gave her a hard time early on. I honestly don’t know anything about Dolldelight or her Dollie Style. I’ve never looked her up and don’t plan to, so forgive me if I’m more merciful than you believe I should be.

Their first model, somewhat having similar reason as Cyril for quitting Lolita Fashion, claims that being African American means she gets more criticism for not having the right skin color or features. I don’t want to focus on this but really? Your so concerned about criticism from the Lolita community, that you would prefer to wear Dollie Style? I don’t think switching fashions is going to fix much of your problem and I say this to both of them. I understand that your for the most part you’re trying to escape the elitist in the fashion but changing fashions is not really the way to escape them. Go look up Jordan in the San Diego Lolita Group, he’s both a guy and an African American, he pulls it off very well and I’m sure he gets plenty of the same, if not more criticism.

So the next model presented was Tiffany, it was said that she was one of their biggest customers, ordering everything custom and spends a lot of money on *cough* her addition. But I guess Cyril had some concern for Tiffany’s priorities since she also has a huge love for modeling Cosplay and honestly, I’m finding it this was quite an unfair judgement. Mostly for issues I could see with the two models Cyril actually ends up choosing. First selected was Audra, she has a really crazy childlike personality, which I can see why she got picked. I’m not sure if any of them knew this but Audra’s apparel is very similar to DecoGirl, you should go look it up. Issue number one with not selecting Tiffany, the group had a huge concern that Audra would “maybe” goof up instructions since she once burnt a cup of Ramen but apparently Tiffany’s possible conflict with cosplay was more of an issue. Next selected was Ashphord and get this, she has a cosplay group. Yeah, you heard it right and Cyril did not even bring up the concern of her cosplay. I don’t understand what the problem was here but yeah. I’m calling conspiracy here, as I bet they just needed to manufacture a reason for not selecting Tiffany and the real reason for not selecting her, was because she is such a huge customer to them and once she’s a model, she would probably get discounted if not free stuff. So yeah, just a theory.

So here is another issue I have with both the show and Dolldelight, at the photoshoot, Audra shows up with break out and they acted so upset that this may ruin the photoshoot that not only did they NOT take the opportunity to show practical information for hiding it, the group had a bit of a sour attitude towards Audra and I would say it did not show Dollie style as a nicer group than some of the stuff that goes on in the Lolita community. This also served as proof the show is all about DRAMA not actually giving practical information. *sigh* I get it, it’s about the drama, it’s reality TV but I’d love it if someone could actually put on a practical show with practical information about something that steams from something I enjoy, but I guess I can only wish.

Putting all that aside. Lastly we got THE PHOTOGRAPHERS! Yep they went there, they hinted at the typical pedophile guy. The first photographer acted so bad, I honestly think he was part of the filming crew and they just threw him in to spice things up. What I find really strange is when they finally do the photoshoot they bring in this other guy who’s apparently the official in-house photographer. So they had a photographer selected all along. Anyways, this is not okay, we don’t need more reminding that their are creepy pedophile guys out there. Spare me please, I’m a guy and I get enough assumption that I’m a pedophile when being involved in the Lolita Fashion.

Now, there is mention of the fashion show they are doing in the next episode and I wanted to comment that having the convention provide your models and say how much this is not a great idea, I know you might want all you can get but I don’t think I can trust a con to find workable models for a fashion the con has no understanding of, reasons for this are in my next section.

Episode 2: Hana-Doki Con

So in this episode they make it out to Hana-Doki Con in San Francisco after what they claim is a 5 hour drive due to Paula’s driving and right away things are not working out for them. So where do I start with all this? Well, the first thing that bothers me about this particular convention was when they interviewed the Con Chair, who by the way said “The reason Hana-Doki Con chose Dolldelight as it’s head liner, was because San Diego has a very large Lolita Fashion community…”, okay well it is obvious at this point that this con has no actual concern for finding a legit Lolita group to be involved in the show or represent the fashion well. I don’t think San Diego having a large Lolita community is a reason for choosing Dolldelight, I actually bet they had a hard time getting a legit Lolita group and sadly real Lolita’s would call BS on this whole thing. The first issues to come up for them is when they discover that two models have cancelled, — Reason number one you should not have a conversion select your models — which leaves Cyril to decide that they will have to have two models switch outfits during the show.

Midway in the show, lots and lots of drama incurs as in my opinion they would seem to be short on content for this episode. Honestly the acting has to be the worst I’ve ever seen. I mean I know these people are not professionals but there were two scenes with Paula and Ashphord acting outraged and how fake it was, really showed. By the end of the episode, the fashion show was over as expected. And honestly for the amount of drama that ensued, the fashion show was very disappointing. For one they all acted way over the top worried and two, the room for the show appeared very small, I don’t think they had very many people present as well, unless their was like 500 chairs hiding behind the camera. I understand this is a reality TV show and much like Breaking Amish, you need to create drama or people will get bored. I also understand that having a tier of ruffles on a dress ripping is plan terrible but there was no need to freak the way they did. And I think it ripping that easily showed some poor craftsmanship on Cyril’s part, so it might have been avoidable.

I know there was not a whole lot to say about this episode but I can at least say this. It appears the convention website,, says that next year Dolldelight will be at the show again. But the obvious no care of the con for Lolita Fashion, is mostly in the last line “…it’s a Lolita’s dream come true!”. Yeah, they obviously don’t know the different or care. I love how there is even a question mark next to San Diego Lolitas hosting the fashion show next year. I’m tempted sometime of asking someone I know in the San Diego group to shine light on this.

Reality Check? – My Experience

I wanted to say a few things in regards to my own experience of similar events. Back in September at Ramencon in Merrillville, Indiana, my wife and I hosted the Lolita Fashion Show and I’d consider us to be true Lolitas, unlike what Hana-Doki Con thought of Dolldelight. We featured, I think, 6 dresses ranging from AP (Angelic Pretty), BTSSB (Baby The Stars Shine Bright), F+F (FanPlusFriend), Bodyline, and Indie. In my opinion Ramencon is a larger con than Hana-Doki Con and while it’s still a small con in comparison to some of the really big cons, it still makes me very proud to say my wife and I organized a Lolita Fashion Show. Anyways, the stress was there, we had at least one model cancel on us but for good reason and we knew well in advanced. This is another reason we would never let a convention provide models, we let Ramencon forward people to us who were interest but screened each person personally so there was a somewhat personal connection involved. I think this allowed for better quality in the end.

We were concerned that things would fall apart and that our models might not represent the fashion well. It was not easy but we ended up filling the main programming room maybe 3/4th full, which considering the Cosplay Catwalk that followed just maybe barely filled all the seats, I’d say it was a success for us, specially since some people did not know very much about the fashion. Afterwards the father of this one kid the watched our show went to the Con Chair and told him how much he appreciated our presentation of the fashion, saying we represented a fashion that featured modest clothing and gave girls something to feel feminine in, something I don’t think very many Lolitas hear. And let me tell you that Merrillville, Indiana is somewhat considered a conservative christian town, so kind of interesting when you consider all that. I personally was very happy to hear people loved the show. We sadly only took 15 minutes when we had been allocated an hour to fill but that was partly due to our lack of models, experience, and notice. We are pretty sure we will get asked again next year to host the show and hope we can fill more of the hour. I honestly think our show went over better than Dolldelights, with less mishaps and stress but probably four times as many people. Sadly, I never got great pictures or video from the show.


Well like many reality TV shows, this one reminds me of some of the most famous, Breaking Amish or Toddlers and Tiaras, which does not surprise me one bit. It’s obvious that it’s suppose to create drama and glue people with no life to the screen, which for myself it doesn’t do anything more than frustrate me that someone can be that stupid. I don’t like working with anyone who can’t be punctual or well organized. Like I pointed out in Episode 1, Cyril said she started doing Dollie Style because people in the Lolita Fashion were mean to her and rightfully so, read my post A Man in a Women’s World for a great example of Lolita drama. But I feel that herself and her associates are not doing any better, they are being just as mean to others as they claim Lolita’s were to them, which I think is a huge problem no matter where you go.

And as for the Lolitas I know out there that are concerned that this show will give more bad rep, well it won’t. Because honestly, the episode of My Strange Addictions only got so far and that was on a major TV network. My reasons for this show will not making it any worst is partly because the people that watch this show are not worth your time and are probably the same people that already saw My Strange Addictions. You decided to wear Lolita for yourself, not so the world could accept you. I understand that we all wish the world would love us but honestly, if you really wanted that, you would have not put on that cute dress to begin with, I know I didn’t. Don’t let “The Doll Life” make you concerned, Dolldelight sadly is riding a wave of success that stems from interest in Lolita Fashion. We should be proud that people like the father at our fashion show, proves there is interest in what we wear and honestly I think this TV show might somewhat help people gain more interest, maybe not understanding but interest. Next time someone walks up and says “Your one of those dolls right?”, politely respond with “No, I’m wearing a Japanese Street Fashion known as Lolita.” and offer up more information if they ask. Be glad Dolldelight is not some whore house, they are honestly doing it for the some reasons Lolitas do it, they may wear more cosplay like outfits but at least they don’t make us Lolita look worst.

So again, remember, Lolita is about you, not what people think of you, you should not even let what other Lolita’s do effect how you think of yourself. Wear it however you see fit.

You can find episodes of the show here.

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How Google could make Youtube better

I’ve been a Youtube user for many years now and have been around the site long enough to see many changes come and go. I’ve seen changes for the better and for the worst. But today I want to address three issues I have with Youtube that it shocks me that Google has no desire to fix or improve. Now this list is mostly exclusive for Youtube users but I’m sure one day when I finally get around to doing regular Youtube videos, I’ll have a few more things to rant about, maybe. So without further adue here is my top three things Google could do to make Youtube better.

3. Deleted and Private Videos

Youtube Point #3
So this is my least issue with Youtube but it is decently an annoying one. So what am I talking about? Well, let give the example that you go on Youtube and create a playlist listing your favorite My Little Pony music videos and for examples sake I’m only adding original fan made songs. Three months later I return to my playlist and find that around 3 videos have been deleted or made private. Now I’m not upset with the video uploader or youtube for making the video unavailable, my problem is this, “Why in the name of all things holy, can youtube not show me the original video title nor the video uploader?” This honestly does not make any sense to me and my wife claims she remembers once being able to click on a video from one of these playlists and seeing the title but last I checked this is no longer the case. Honestly, this can not be a hard implementation, for example, eBay has saved auction titles for feedback for years later now, so why can’t Youtube? So you might ask why do I need to see the title, well, to elaborate, some youtubers decide make tweaks to their videos and have reuploaded them, in which case I would go over to their channel and try finding it again. Or in some rarer cases, there are others who’ve uploaded the same video.

2. Channel Subscriptions

My number two most important thing Google can do to improve Youtube is the need to address is channel subscriptions. I know some of you think I might be referring to the awful problem that many people are no longer seeing notifications for videos they actually care about and frankly, I agree. But this is not my complaint since there is a workaround that lets you enable on all notices once again. instead my complaint is about channels that upload one good series and everything else is not worth my time or is just not tasteful. There are many youtubers who have started sharing channels, which makes this complaint even more true. Now, let’s add back in the previous issue I brought up, this only gets worse because if I avoid watching one video I don’t care to see, Youtube assumes I must no longer be interested in this channel’s content, when this couldn’t be further from the truth. My solution Youtube, allow channels to start subdividing uploads into playlists and let people only subscribe to each playlist. And if youtubers refuse to use this feature then let users further customize their subscriptions by inputting advanced search queries like video title or you could start tracking what people watch not only based on the channel, but also group similar video titles together, if another video with a similar title is uploaded then send notice on that instead.

1. Copyright – Fair Use and Content ID

Sorry About That

So finally to finish my list, let’s talk copyright! Don’t get me wrong, I believe in the copyright system but what I don’t support is corporations bullying people just because they have millions of lawyers at their disposal. On a side note, I understand that some people were in support of such laws as SOPA or PIPA because it had clauses to give people legal aid who don’t have the income to put up a fair defence. Sure this sounds great but obviously as a whole the law was total BS. Personally I think we should instead be making laws that more fairly favor the individual versus the corporation, such as limiting how much money a corporation can spend fighting a case against such person.

Anyways, the copyright issue I’m referring to is when a corporation like Viacom, Universal or Sony gets Youtube to take down a video without any consideration that it might be a false claim. Where this problem rings the loudest is when Youtube’s content id system finds a possible match and sends an e-mail the company that holds the copyright to verify the match and this is where it gets sad, these companies don’t care if it’s a mistake or not and hire some minimum wage employee to sit in a basement and basically click “reinstate claim” on each and every one of these e-mails without even watching the video… Sigh* Youtube, obviously these companies don’t care to check for a legit match, so why can’t you have a department of employees check first. It should not be rocket science for a third-party person to watch the video and determine if it was infringement or was protected by the fair use section of copyright law. You could even force these corporations to pay a fee if they wish to use your content id system.

To elaborate further on this,  I want reference a major copyright issue from 2 years ago, the Youtuber CaptainSparklez encountered and from what I hear he almost went as far as hiring a lawyer to defend his case. What did he do, you may ask? Well, he made a parody of the music video Gangnam Style by PSY, his own video named Minecraft Style used NO video clips from the original nor any of the original lyrics, if any part of said claim was legit, it should have been protected under the fair use clauses. On top of this false claim, I want to highlight a couple things I find unfair about Youtube’s copyright dispute process.

  1. Youtube does not provide this content id matching to small time media creators, it seems to be only a mechanism to help huge corporations sue the crap out of youtubers.
  2. Youtube gives the company 30 days to reinstate a claim.
  3. Youtube does not give their youtubers the benefit of the doubt. Basically without any solid evidence, they are saying,  “You are guilty until proven innocent”.

[Minecraft Style Status Update And Stuff]
[Bringin’ Back Minecraft Style]
[And, Minecraft Style is Down… Again]

Putting aside fail copyright claims, I want to touch on Fair Use. If you are not familiar with Fair Use, it’s a clause of the copyright law that allows users to parody or criticize a creator’s media. The people who make up the largest part of this group are movie critics. One channel that seems to deal with this issue often is the Nostalgic Clitic. He uploads some really great movie reviews and in the end has many of them taken down. In any court case, his videos would be classified under the fair use law and like CaptainSparklez, ends up promoting more views of the original. But because the Youtube’s copyright system is not a legal system, Youtube takes them down without even considering this. Anyways, all I’d like to see Youtube do is not let corporations walk all over their content creators, many Youtubers have already tried to go elsewhere over issues like these and because Youtube relies on advertisement revenue so much why don’t they care to improve this system. I bet if this continues, it will mark the beginning of the end for Youtube and this does not include Youtube’s bad support I hear they have. And if you don’t believe me when I say Youtube will one day come to an end, let me ask you, do you remember Myspace? What about Friendster? Or even getting older GeoCities, AngelFire or what about Hamster Dance? Overall, all great sites come to an end and Facebook is already seeing this happen.

So that was my list, I know it’s not going to change Youtube anytime soon but it’s a start. Maybe, just maybe, it will fuel the demand for change.

[What is Fair Use]

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A man in a woman’s world

So over the last year my involvement in the Japanese fashion and geek communities has slowly expanded and along with it have been opportunities to hear the latest gossip. For example, this year at Ramencon in Merrillville, Indiana, my wife (leah-sama) and I are hosting three panels, helping format the program book and leasing surveillance cameras for security in the dealers room. As many don’t know, both my wife and I are aspiring to become more involved in either the lolita fashion or anime convention scene and hope to maybe even run a convention of our own one day.

Anyways, one particular subject I’ve recently been hearing a lot about is the increase of women in the lolita community making claims that a male friend/acquaintance sexually harassed them during working closely with each other, if that either be organizing a fashion show or trading services.

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Update 5.4

This was the year I finally said “I will start my own business” and the first five months have been extremely bumpy and have given me many head aches. It seems that many things I encounter in this venture require skills and experience I obtained from the last 9 years. — for example Selling skills from Radioshack and Technical Skills from AT&T — This is the month of growth that I have been waiting for since January. I have always been a believer in perpetual income and selling a product that someone will only buy once is not perpetual. — Why do you think anything made in the last 40 years breaks with ease. — With my experience of dealing with Dunkin Donut owners I finally found my gold mine. In January I decided to start offering Text Marketing, Rewards, Web Filtering and Streaming Television. Yesterday I got my first big customer. I have so much I could say and still more to come but I would like to wait. LOL

Last week I attended Anime Central for the third year in a row and very much enjoyed it. I hand made a Arrietty costume for my little sister, Emily. She came with me on Sunday and we had lots of fun. I personally enjoy and think others love it because the people can come and be their self. I think we live in a world that judges everyone and expects certain people to follow one line and others to follow a different line. But at Anime Conventions there is the one major rule, Judge No One. Not even Startrek conventions give this freedom to people. Last year I once saw a 90 year old lady wearing kitty ear and tons of Anime Product hanging from her walker. Some people tell me they dislike Anime Conventions because of all the weirdos that come around. But take this in consideration, Who do you think those weirdos are??? Your co-worker, neighbor or that guy who rear ended you last week? I think I would prefer to see them coming instead of never knowing. If you think about it, just like Anime Characters have blown up puffy personality that same happens to Anime Convention Attendees.

The Japanese Nuclear Disaster was and still is extremely overrated.
Some time ago, I was listening to WGN when they made a urgent announcement that Radioactive Seaweed was landing on the California shorelines. Hearing this made my extremely disappointed in this countries news system, leaving me asking myself, “Is really what they call news”. If you look deeper in the news report you will find that the radio active levels are well below dangerous levels. It has been over a year since the twin disasters and tourism from china has returned to pre tsunami levels but tourism from America is still well under 10%. What is this countries problem. We just seem extremely scared of such silly matters.

Upotte!!, An anime featuring anime girls with personalities like famous rifles. What will Japan come up with next.
Japan has extreme gun control policies allowing nothing more then hunting rifles and handguns to cops. Cops even wear a strip that prevents someone from stealing their gun. Many people credit Japan’s third lowest crime rate in the world to the Gun Control. I recently was reading a blog post from Peter — Owner of J-list — saying that many Japanese he encounters find it surprising when he telling them he has never owned a gun. Many Japanese students believe that America really is the land of the free, Freedom to own a Gun and freedom from school uniforms. — Even though I actually kind of like the School Uniforms idea — Many pro-gun control people here in America try to use Japan as a example to why America should ban all guns. The thing these people need to realize is that the low crime rate can be more credited to the Japanese National Character. Remember the Japanese people come from a past of arrows and melee weapons. Policies that work in Japan will not work the same in America.

Pedo Bear

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Happy New Year 2012

Happy New Years
As my family watched the remaining moments of 2011, My Mom and I thought of some interesting points about this world. Such as why people find that drinking them self’s sick is seen as a celebration and why kissing someone (anyone, even strangers. Disclaimer: I am not promoting it.) on new years is not as much a big deal as it used to be. I opinion is this, first: people see drinking till the point that they have no sense of oneself is exactly the reason. There life is so messed up that being sick on alcohol is the only alternative to them. They need to know that Jesus is the one and only answer. Second: I think that when Satan pollutes something as beautiful as kissing or sex, we become desensitized to the uniqueness of it. Think of it, We humans are uniquely made by our creator. Did you know that there are several things that make us humans different of the rest of the animal world that not even monkeys or apes can do brains and biologically, But for the sake of length I will with hold this one. We just need to remember GOD is GOD and drinking sick or corruption by Satan is just an illusion of the big picture.

The End is Nigh!!
As many of my reads my not know, one of Japan’s most popular singers is not even human but in fact a computer generated female persona. Her name is Miku Hatsune (Click for More Information) and shes the creation of Yamaha. She can sing at higher pitches than a typical know signing voice. Over the years with her increased popularity they decided to take her on tour around the world [Watch Her Concert on YouTube] as a hologram. But before all this some guy made a windows program called “Miku Miku Dance” which generates a homemade 3D video from 3D custom models which includes Miku Hatsune. Watch some of the videos on YouTube there quite interesting. Now the latest feature to come to MMD is an option to connect the Kinnect from the XBOX 360 to your computer and virtually control one of these characters with your movements. I’ve tried it and it is quite fun but now I can surely say “The End is Nigh” by artificial intelligence (programmed by people don’t you forget!!!).

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Well, It looks like we are staring down the barrel of the 2012 gun. It’s so amazing to think about all the disasters this world has encountered within just one year, from disaster to prosperity, we seem to make it though this thing we call life as well as we do. I really can not believe that it has not been almost 9 months already since the Twin Disasters in Japan that devastated their country and interestingly tourism from the west (Asia) for them has returned to pre-tsunami levels but the tourism from the east (America) is still not even 1/10th of what it was before. It makes me sad that we, Christian America (or what remains to be christian), seem to show very little compassion to their situation. I’ve heard though the grape vine that it’s so bad that the Japanese Government is considering to offer a Airplane ticket to westerners on their dime to help bring the tourism back, in exchange they want the people chosen to write blogs and stories about their trips to encourage others to go (So, Yes. Existing bloggers have a better chance of being chosen.), But interesting if the proposal gets passed by their government, entries will not be accepted until at least March.

Wishing you a Merry CHRISTmas!

In light of it being Christmas Eve I want write about some of the history of Christianity in Japan. The first documented christian to visit Japan would be Francis Xavier in 1549 whom was affiliated with the Portuguese Catholics. It was assumed by the Japanese that Christianity was a new religion from India for several mistaken reasons. Over the next 50 years the Christian faith had grown to very large numbers until 1603 when Leyasu Tokugawa became the shogun of Japan, he placed limitations on missionary work, which lead to the outright banning of Christianity in 1626, in part because the Shogun was concerned that Japan might end up as a colony of foreign powers, as was happening in asia already, and they were also concerned that the rice farmers would turn on the government over the rice taxes. Despite the banning, thousands of kakure-kurishitan (hidden Christians) continued to practice their faith in secret, creating statues of Maria reworked to resemble Buddhist Bodhisattva and passing the torch from generation to generation. They even hidden icons of the reworked Maria image into lamp posts and roof tiles of temples, to let Christians that were on the run that they were with fellow Christians at these locations. Some hidden Christians ran to small islands to continue there faith, in which one island colony of Christians was not even known to exist until 1890 went they made them self’s known. When Japan was reopened to foreigner access in 1853 many Christian clergymen were sent from Catholic, Protestant, and Orthodox churches, though proselytism was still banned. After the Meiji Restoration, freedom of religion was introduced in 1871, giving all Christian communities the right to legal existence and preaching. Since World War II the number of Japanese Christians has been slowly increasing. I believe GOD has a plan for Japan and we Christians need to continue to empower these people to push forward. The thing that make me so mad about missions to Japan is missionaries have to rely on numbers to continue their work, every mouth asking for donations, this is not the way we should be going about this. I know money is important to missionaries but I feel like something is lacking when it comes to Japan. Please pray and support someone in Japan Today, I know I am.

A Japanese Kirishitan crucifix, 17th century. Christ is depicted as Buddha-like, in the center of the cross.

Christmas has been established as a secular holiday which was first capitalized on around 1910. Today Christmas Eve is seen as a romantic night young couples to go on a date and then on Christmas day many Japanese eat Christmas Cake (A Japanese Invention) and chicken from Home or incidentally KFC, in which has long lines on Christmas Day due to Turkey being rare is Japan and the Japanese don’t have much taste for it.

Well, Just a little update about my latest life challenges. I’m out on my own, working with a friend, starting a Text Message Marketing business which will be one of dozens of services I will be offering to small businesses over the next year. Within one month we should have 31 clients and then he thinks he could get a total of 100 clients by the end of the year, per his relationship with dozens of Dunkin and Subway owners. Ever since my mom re-awoke my passion of Revival, I can’t get enough of World Revival Church in Kansas City. I want to see Revival flood this globe and this is my fuel to reaching Japan. I see people whom I have known since I was little and they still struggle over tithing and believing GOD will get them though. Now, I’m not saying I’m perfect but come on this is not hard. That is one reason I like WRC because they being a new challenge to my walk with GOD. People want meat in their relationship with GOD not watered down kool-aid. Well, time for bed! Sleep Well and merry CHRISTmas.

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Anime Central 2010

I attended Anime Central last weekend and I loved it.
Here are some pictures from the convention.
This guy was so funny he had camouflage pants on and a box on his head
with the sentence “Hows my sneaking attempt” written on the side.

Outside the restaurant in the back was a big hang out area for cosplayers.

This guy was dressed as a Pirate with pirate ship (Actually a wagon covered with card board)
Yes, This is really how big the Anime Market in America is getting.
This convention got 14,000 people last year and they predicted more this year.

Here is my list of everything I bought.
4. a pair of kitty ears
3. Dark Blue Cosplay Wig
2. DVD Series of “Karin”
1. Hand Forged and Clay Tempered Katana
(My uncle was impressed with the quality.)

This is my favorite picture from the whole event. This is four of six people I happen to met during lunch at the convention. The last day I went I forced my self to step out of my comfort zone and do stuff I never did before. Starting with wearing my yukata and a wig on Sunday. This big move allows me to say I have officially cosplayed… Anyways on top of that during lunch I was looking for a table to eat my piece of pizza and taking courage I walked up to four complete strangers and ask if I could join them. The girl on the lefts name is Ashley and she is cosplaying as Kallen from Code Geass, Her best friend Stephanie was dressed as CC (or C2) and then one of the guys were dressed as most likely Lelouch. Some how or other Politics came up and to my amazement the political view I heard where very similar to mine. I remember one girl saying her dad wants to buy a private island separate from the USA and declare war on the USA so they will come and invade then supply them with everything (Food, Security and Etc.). They had to be some of the most nicest people I had ever met.

One guy who wears a lot of nice cloths ended up accidentally dressing as Light from Death Note. He said he was walking though the convention and saw some guy wearing a white shirt and shaggy black hair trying to stare him down. He was getting annoyed and when he told his friends they said that guy was “L” from Death Note and he was his mortal enemy. That is when he discovered his accidental cosplaying.

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April 2010

Where do I even start with this post. So much to say but so tired at 1:30 in the morning. I know I will compile a list of subjects I want to touch on.

1. Job…. O-: Um, Lets just save this one for the end.
2. Japanese Conference.
3. Cell Phone.
4. Japan.
5. Life.

1. Japanese Conference.
As you might remember from my previous post I mentioned this Japanese Conference coming this May. Well, At this point I can say I’m not going to do it. I could not get the time off anyways but after some talk with someone in charge of volunteers I found out they wanted all attendees even volunteer who where not even going be able to enjoy the conference to payand I don’t mean the pay for a room and food, I mean the whole thing even the conference. I don’t have a problem to pay for a room and food. But hello I’m volunteering for it. You can’t expect someone to freely volunteer if they got to pay almost $200. So unless they offer to wave the conference fee, I out. Which I beat it will not happen.
2. Cell Phone.As I mentioned before I just upgraded my cell phone and I can report I’m still loving this phone. Couple things are annoying but hey far less then some of my past experiences.

3. Japan.
Japan looks like it is definitely in the fine print. Because I don’t see it happening till next year because of some big changes in my life that need to be leveled out until then.

A good Japanese TV Series I can suggest you should watch is “Myu No Anyo Papa Ni Ageru”. It’s a movie about a young father who contracts CIDP.

4. Life.
Firstly last week I twisted my angle then just this Tuesday twisted it a second time and man I tell you it really hurts. There, So if you were curious how much a twisted angle hurt you don’t have to wonder anymore because I already tried it for you and I give it a 7 out of 10 of the scale of survivable injuries. 1 being a paper cut and 1o being losing a limb or body part. Just Kidding.

Second we are coming up on us digging around our foundation to replace the drain tile because we have a massive flooding issue in the basement that might of mentioned before. (not to mention it was my room and I want it back.) We are doing it Wednesday, Tuesday and Friday. It will be a big task and I hope to post pictures after.

Third the Anime Convention is paid for and I’m ready for some fun. Others are still welcome you just have to pay the $55 at the convention for a weekend pass.

Next week I’m planing on working hard on developing our company because I’ve discovered I’m definitely not corporate material.
Well, I guess that brings me to my Job and well… I don’t want to go into detail but I can say Tony White my new manager really has become a great manager so far. He is much more encouraging then Jonas and is willing to get me what I need.

One thing I will say is I have been off work since April 3rd…….. The one job I was in that investigation I mentioned before was the catalysis and with out saying to much all I ask is everyone pray for me. I’m in a HUGH pickle and I need all the prayer I can get. Sorry for so little detail, I hope to say more in the future.


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New for 2010

It is official congress haves passed a unwritten senate health care bill, now it is the judicial branches turn in which I know and hope they turn it down for being unconstitutional. Apparently there are 38 states that are planing to take this to the courts about and 10 have already started. They claim the government is forcing the states to do something that would to much burden on them.

My dad on Saturday tripped and hit his face on my sisters car fender in which he put a big cut in his chin. (and swung tons of cat liter on the hood.) He went to the doctors office and had to get 7 stitches…OUCH!!!. It only took him a couple hours but we were thankful we do not have ObamaCare yet because if we did it might have taken several hours instead.

I should probably not say this because I don’t know who is reading it but when I got back to the garage on Monday from Pole Climbing I discover that Jonas (My Manager) is once again out to get me. He tells me about some job I did where the customer was IRATE. Weird Word because it dose not mean “I Rate You” or something like that. Apparently it is a word that AT&T likes to use a lot. They must of liked it better then saying “Your customer was angry”. Yes, I should of paid more attention to detail but that was nothing compared to the real problem. Which sorry to say I’m not going to get into. (NO NO It is nothing like that. It was a stupid complaint.) But it comes down to Jonas was seeking to fire me. This time we sat in a investigative meeting and Jonas tried to chew me out for this and that but Justin on of the other managers actually stood up for me and said Jonas we need to look at what the company says how to do a job not make up our own ideas and that was one of the wises things I have heard Justin ever say.
So now I have not heard anything yet which I’m glad and hope there is nothing else.

Also on Monday I learn that almost everyone including me was denied their transfer request. The only ones who got it was those who said they would transfer into the city. BUMMER!
I was really bummed out because I wanted to get out from under Jonas mainly because of the reason above.

So come last Friday and I learn that Jonas is being transfer to the northlake garage and my new manager will be Tony White. This will take effect the 29th and hope it goes over well including hopping Tony is a good guy.
Big news I finally upgraded from my old Motorola Rokr E1 to a new HTC Tilt 2 (Smartphone). I have been out of contract for almost ichi-han (1.5 in Japanese) years. This new phone is nice but I was disappointed in the TouchFLO shell from HTC so I just disabled it went to the default Windows Mobile interface. Yes, I am not a fan of Microsoft but because I’m into modding I figured the HTC was my best choice since the iPhone is not that modable except for jail breaking it. But so far I am happy with this HTC.

And the last thing on my post today is my excitement to attend the Anime Convention coming this May. I’m still hopping to get the time off approved. It is in May on the 14th, 15th and 16th. So any of my friends who enjoy Anime you are welcome to join me. I’m real excited because Anime is one of my favorite ways to learn more about the Japanese People. No, I don’t mean like Japanese People watching one of our Soap Operas to learn about American Life because we all know that is a made up wonderland or sometimes horrorland.

Oh and one last thing my parents have suggested that I not focus on Japan this year and instead focus on buying a house since the prices are so low and the first time buyers credit ends soon. (Which I might still miss.) If I did this my dad would put focus on joining me next year even try to get my grampa to come too. This is disappointing to admit they are right but why is my goal of Japan such a problem for me to reach. Please continue to prey for me and ask god to send me tons of connections over this year especially at this conference I’m volunteering for this May.