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The Brawny Man!

So if anyone reading this has probably not figured out by now, I’m by no means a “brawny man.” And further more, you should also know that I have issues with accepting the “quick fixes” both the world and church try to give for the transgender and homosexuality issues facing men today. So you can imagine what my feeling were when a few months ago my church announced a one day men’s conference. Plus it was being organized by men that I would to some degree consider to be brawny men — or they at least try to be.

Without going into too much detail let me touch on these so called “quick fixes”. As anyone should be aware gender identity has become a huge issue in today’s society. No surprise when there is evidence of gender oppression throughout history, most notably is the oppression of women during the 19th and early 20th centuries. But today we are seeing the opposite, as men are now being oppressed from expressing feminine traits, or I should say “feminine” when going by today’s standards. When men show these traits, the world likes to say “Are you sure you aren’t gay?” or worst “Maybe you were suppose to be a women.” While the world might not always say it in those exact words, it still works in deep for most men and even such words could sit dormant for years. On the opposite side of the spectrum, the “church” or more so Christians from various denominations, will say something just as equally hurtful. I’m not going to say what most of these things are precisely since it would be flee breeding cesspool for nasty theological debates but I’ll at least say that Deuteronomy 22:5 is probably on of the most commonly argued verses.

First off, I personally have minor fears of most Christians as most of my opinions are not very popular with the masses. Being that I’m connected to such as wonderful church, it still yanks my chain when I’m not actually 100% certain where my church stands on gender identity. I do know they fully reject homosexuality, much like myself and to be perfectly honest, I’ve yet to encounter any theological beliefs that I disagree with. So I’m sure you can understand that when it comes to transsexualism or the brawny man, I’m feeling a bit lost and in many way fearful of ever just asking. I do want to make it clear that I have very little fear that my theology is wrong in the eyes of God, honestly I actually believe every Christian will one day learn they had something wrong but this is besides the fact. For me, it could be the devil’s voice trying to hold me back much like when I was faced telling my mother about my “hobbies” but nonetheless, I do find myself agreeing so much with my church that I fear that this might just be one thing we will disagree on. But I will note that I’m open and willing to hear them out if the opportunity was ever given. I’ve yet to encounter anyone from my church or in my family that disagrees with me to the level they would outcast me and for this I’m thankful.

So getting back on topic, I was somewhat dismayed when I learned of this men’s conference. And not because I feared this would be the time they finally show their true colors, no! Instead I feared it was going to be nothing but a speech that men need to be more MANLY and that they would probably not take into consideration the reasons why I believe so many men have issues with their masculinity. Rightfully so I had reason to worry, many of the Men’s Group nights were exactly this and it’s one reason I’ve not been so keen on attending every two weeks. Even my mother understand this point when I brought it up.

But then came Saturday morning (6/18) and while the sermons were on the level of a really good Friday night revival service, it was one comment made by our senior pastor that caught me off guard. He got up front and made comment about the bathrooms, which I’ve neglected to note by this point they relabeled the women’s bathroom as being acceptable for the men’s use for the duration of the conference. Which made me think back to a men’s conference I attended in Indianapolis years ago where they did the exact same thing, but much like then I didn’t think much about it. Our pastor got up and said “You know what the world needs to know about gender identity? … Knowing if your a man or women is easy; if you bend over… and pickup… the ice cube…. you’re a women!” and the room grew strangely quiet for a moment. I am of course paraphrasing but he continued with “No matter if you wear pants, dresses, or whatever. If you kick the ice cube under the fridge, you’re a man!” and the room broke out in laughter. Of course, I understand that he was joking but he admitted to intentionally never saying very much about gender roles or identity, which just proved my theory that he chooses his battles. He is known as a very controversial preacher already when it comes to his beliefs on revival and the end times, so it doesn’t surprise me that he would actually choose to stay away from possibly such atomic issues. In the end he patched it up, saying he would most likely ask they remove that comment from the conference CD but nonetheless it was said. Him saying it proved, as I suspected, he at least does not believe in the “brawny man” image that I somewhat feared he did.

In the end, it became a very enjoyable conference. We had great fellowship and we didn’t have any farting nor burping sessions. In fact it was funny that coming to the end of the conference the general opinion was that not all men are like Gideon and I think Cliff Graham said it best. He said that the common ideas of what makes a man is not a man and that you don’t have to be the muscular man to be a man. He said a man is someone that when his home and family comes under attack he goes full Hulk and rips the throat out of the threat and spits on it’s corpse, of course he talking spiritually here and not so much physical. He even said that World War 2 was won because a geek figured out the Japanese encryption code and this guy was mocked by not only his superiors but also his fellow men. But in the end the war ended because he used his God given abilities.

And this is stuff that I can stand behind. While I disagree so much with the hurtful opinions from both the church and the world, I do understand that I was put in a position to defend my wife and my future children. Because I’m under 6 feet and have very youthful posture, I’ve been constantly underestimated by people. But I now understand these are not weaknesses, they are strengths. I was intended to be who I am and prove that even an underdog with questionable hobbies can archive great things. In my opinion I will also extend these characteristics to the women. Women who have no husbands or need it in a time of crises can benefit from developing valor and courage. This also allows for them to back their husbands up when the husband may take a fall or is not available, this is something my wife does for me from time to time. I believe simply as children of God, we ALL need to show the fruits of the spirit and be prepared to take the lead. God never intended for one gender to be subservient to another, so why do we treat it like he did and that men and women are so opposite. But I digress, this is a discussion for another time.

So in closing, I want to say that I was really taken back from this conference. I want to thank the men that spoke and showed that Men can be who God created them to be, even if they wear a dress and have somewhat flamboyant personalities. Thanks for reading.

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My Top 4 Perdictions for the Next 20 Years

So 2016 is here and I’m embarrassed to admit my commitment to write on this blog frequently for the last two months has drop off. I had a few different articles I considered but never got around to fleshing out. But with a new year, I’m going to commit to changing all that, not so much a new years resolution but more just starting again. So saying that, I present my top 4 predictions for the next 20 years. Some of these I believe could be prevented if the right steps are taken but as the world stands today, I don’t see them being avoidable.

#4 – The copyright system will be reformed, again!

So back in the late nineties, Mickey Mouse was slipping dangerously close to becoming Public Domain and obviously the Walt Disney Corporation was hellbent on preventing this. So they and a few other major corporations lobbied congress to extend the copyright laws and they did, by decades. And to quote Anna from Frozen, “That’s horrible.”. And to the dismay of many people such as myself, we have not seen a single copyrighted work enter the Public Domain since then. I believe I heard the last known work to expire was from 1919. And In my opinion this move by congress was only a bandage to remedy an immediate situation, as we are due to start seeing copyrighted works enter the Public Domain once again coming sometime after 2019.

This unforchantly is going to put us right back where we started. The Walt Disney Corporation will have to act fast to prevent their precious Mouse from going rough. And this is why I don’t just see a simple change happening but possibly an entire reform of what we have come to know as the United States Copyright System and it could be devastating to the entire system. With the likes of already fighting off SOPA or PIPA, we also have an outdated copyright system that predates the internet and this is what’s most troubling. And I won’t be the first to admit something needs to be done, since the invention of the Internet, up holding your right to Fair Use has become the ever more difficult. Just take a look at the recent DMCA claim issues on YouTube. Frankly, if the copyright system does get reformed, be ready for the whole mess of lobbying to the process. And I guarantee that smaller creators like us will have very little to no input on the process. The mass corporations could end up influencing the creation of an iron grip type copyright law, laced with mega fines and fees on individuals, that will most likely devastate anyone drawing Steve the kangaroo in their garage on weekends. Okay! Maybe not that but you get my point.

Many people are already complaining about the cost of registering a copyright and I hate to say it but, I can guarantee that the costs will only go up. Plus to make matters worst you need a copyright if you hope to have any legal authenticity going up against a huge corporation for stealing from you. There is also the slight possibility that we will get simply just another bandage on the problem, which I don’t think will be the best solution either. I just hope we have good and honest congressmen on that day who will make the right choices and help develop a system in the favor of giving the average Joe more freedom while allowing the corporations to protect their rights. I’ve always thought the idea of a tier based copyright system would work better, as each copyright carries the same power. Individuals will get the until death plus 70 years, we used to have, while corporations will get something slightly longer but with maybe requiring they prove reason to keep the copyright active. Unforchantly, there is no one fix all answer.

#3 – Intelligence and common sense will continue to decline

This prediction should come as no surprise but I feel it’s worth as least briefly mentioning. But in short, we will see a continued decline of intelligence and/or common sense in the general populous. This will primarily be due to the continued bad schooling methods kids receive these days, this includes college educations that are not fairing up too well either.

Sadly, I believe there will be a reaction to all this as we see a separation of people based on education levels. It’s interesting that evolutionist also have made such theories too, saying that our species will split into two groups based on intelligence. I don’t believe their evolution model of millennia or that it will even be a genetic change. We are already seeing a split as those we would be considered uneducated, are working the lower wage jobs and continually finding them selves in debt and/or trouble with the law. But where this really stems from is our government having no desire to fix this problem. They want to see this happen as people like these make great unquestioning followers. *cough* As we have already seen in modern politics.

#2 – There will be another video game crash

Much like the crash of the early 1980’s, I believe we will see another similar crash, with a very similar cause from companies putting out terrible games only to make a quick buck. For the most part I believe this crash could be isolated to specific gaming platforms. Mobile gaming in my opinion is the most vulnerable right now and it will probably be because people will get fed-up with all the micro-transactions that all free-to-play games love to demonstrate. Mobile developers just coming out with more and more crap games will just quicken the process.

It’s possible that most other platforms will also see some sort of decline, such as companies like Kanami, as they choose to continue to not listen to their gaming fans. But it’s also possible that some titles and/or companies won’t be affected. For example, Nintendo; If they continue to make better choices and continue to deliver timeless title after timeless title, they could escape this. Indie games could also escape the decline as people could end up flocking to the new guy on the block instead. In the end, I do believe this will lead to many better innovations in the video game industry.

#1 – We will all be its!

We will all be its!

Playing on a book of a similar title, I predict that if this country (and the world) continues on this path of coming out as trans-everything, we will see a total rewrite of the definition of male and female. My mom joked about this a few years ago and it should be no joke as I believe it could very much happen. By no means will the old definition disappear entirely, instead their will start to be a shift of removing the male or female label. I believe you will probably see this first within the government and business as the use of gender labels. Sometime around then, the medical institution will shift to it only becoming a medical term for the exact reason of either precise treatments or the recording of what sex a baby left the womb as. Companies will no longer be allowed to label their employees as male or female. Quite possibly the labeling of bathrooms will even become blurred, there will still probably be a men’s and women’s bathroom but they will find ways to label them so not to alienates the other gender. In fact we might see a move to implement a third gender of restrooms or co-op, both are possibilities. And I’m not saying this will happen everywhere all at once but instead will slowly trickle down from other places. Schools will probably be the earliest to adapt these changes, as children will basically be free to use whatever gendered bathroom they wish. A boy claiming to be on his cycle won’t raise any questions and it won’t matter if he’s talking figuratively or not. Teachers could receive disciplinary action for implying a gender labels on even the most straight of kids. Having a hard time believing me, just look at the shear number of totally bizarre cases in the news. Also don’t forget hot topics such as Gay’s suing over Cakes and Wedding venues.

Commonly I hear people say they wouldn’t be comfortable having another gender use the same restroom as them but I’m sorry to break it to you but that’s a poor argument when you were raised from a young age that boys do not use the girls bathroom. If children are brain-washed into thinking this is normal, they will not question it later in life and even more so as these kids become adults, they will sadly shape society as even less gendered as time goes on. In this new gender-less society those screwed will be those who still apply normal gender labels on themselves. You know the best way I could put this is it will essentially become a real life Tumblr. Go browse Tumblr, it’s not hard to find some person complaining about the labels that have been placed on them. Sadly I have to admit that I’m not condemning nor promoting these changes as in many ways I think it’s a consequence of an old heavily gender labeled system that needed to change years ago but never kept up with the times. And It’s going to cost those who refused to make the change the most, these people will be the ones that got all hot headed over Target’s toy aisle change or the legalization of gay marriage. We are no longer a Christian nation and it just makes us look foolish to complain, mostly because that seems to be all we can do these days. So in my opinion we need to change it not just complain about it.

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Code Girl

So I finished watching a “movie” that was exclusively available to watch on YouTube thru today, it was titled Code Girl. I do find it a bit strange that they decided to call it a “movie” but in all reality it’s just a glorified documentary. The code girl website says this:

Join high school-aged girls from around the world as they try to better their community through technology and collaboration in this thrilling, heartfelt documentary.

By 2017, the app market will be valued at $77 Billion. Over 80% of these developers are male. The Technovation Challenge aims to change that by empowering girls worldwide to develop apps for an international competition. From rural Moldova to urban Brazil to suburban Massachusetts, CODEGIRL follows teams who dream of holding their own in the world’s fastest-growing industry. The winning team gets $10K to complete and release their app, but every girl discovers something valuable along the way.

So before I begin I want to make it clear that I do support this idea, per say. I believe we need to be encouraging our young women that they too can achieve just as high goals that men can. BUT! I have a problem with it when we start singling out men as being big bad bullies. Most of us can’t help it if our gender dominates in those markets, so give most of us some credit. I know so many people will disagree with this statement but I also don’t believe the wage gag that so many argue exists is as nationally, if not globally, spread as people think. I will surely admit it might exist in some isolated levels of corporations and usually this is due do someones sexist opinions, which is for another topic. But consider this, you go work at McDonalds, do they pay women less? NO. Go work at Best Buy, do they pay women less? NO. You check and a huge percentage of businesses will pay, this is LAW mind you, the same to men and women. I understand that most people argue that the wage gag is caused by men getting promotions over women but again, this is localized in particular businesses and usually influenced by sexist views, something that more government regulation and complaining about will not fix. But I digress, back on subject.

So I wanted to discuss a few things in regards to this “movie”. For starters, as I pointed out in one of my last posts I’m a programmer, I have been for a while. I do know a few things about Mobile Apps since I’ve tried my hand at Android, so let’s begin.

I wanted to start by talking about what at best I could see each team used for app development. Majority of them appeared to use one of many popular online app development IDEs, so I have beef with this. True Android development is using the Android SDK and using a common Java IDE like Eclipse or Netbeans. Most of these online development platforms have lacking features and I guarantee will NOT be around forever. I tried this one online platform that cost over $50 per month and it did the basics. Android development is suppose to be free, I mean the only mandatory fee is applying for the Android Play Store which is a one-time fee of $25.00. One team had developed their app for iPhone only and made direct reference to XCode, the official IDE for iPhone development. I’ve never developed for iPhone but I probably liked their attitudes the most. I do think they should have strictly set a standard to enter this contest, like Android only and maybe define a development platform. One reason I say this is because you can’t rely on one method of development forever, you should try and work with the popular free IDEs like Eclipse. Eclipse is used for many different languages and platforms not just Android.

I will say I was disappointed in the editing for this “movie”, early on it was so hard to keep track of who was working on what. I wish they put a nice summary under each teams scene just to maybe help, that’s one reason I’m only going to talk about a couple teams as I can’t actually remember what they all worked on.

One of the teams from the USA had this idea for a drunk driving prevention app, I thought the idea was great and was no worst then some of those texting while driving apps.

A small beef I had with the teams was the attitude some of them had. I remember a couple teams in the beginning acting like they could not do this unless they got selected. So I say this “You do not need this contest to prove your value.” I mean the whole point of this contest was to empower girls to start writing code, so why do they whine like they can’t do this now. You have an idea, go code it, make it happen. It’s not that hard. You don’t need some huge prize money to flesh it out.

I don’t really want to say it but what was the deal with the one Judge, apparently she gave the team with the iPhone app a low rating because she could not run the app on her Android. Yeah I obviously see the problem but seriously, why did the contest not better equipt the Judges with the ability to test the apps and what about the Judges with iPhones? Did they even get to try the Android apps? I understand why the contest wanted to have an all female set of Judges but I kind of think you need to have Judges that understand code and development. No one is better at judging if an app is well made than someone who has actually coded.

So lastly, I wanted to talk about who actually won. If you don’t want spoilers please stop reading.


So the winners were the team from Nigeria and I for one was actually quite disappointed in hearing this. I understand that several factors for winning included actually solving a problem which I felt the finalist all got very close to doing but I don’t feel Nigeria did the best at this. If I remember correctly, their app was basically a glorified trash pickup service. As advertised by their pitch video they would direct customers thru the app to local services to collect the trash. The app was one of the most expensive at $2 and they collected a commission from the trash services, in many ways great but in others, why? They said their country had a problem with trash and people would just throw it all around on the ground and never do what’s right, in my opinion this is an issue with the people not the services. By directing your users to local services your only accessing what is already available. At the end of the movie they said that shortly after them winning their government’s party changed, and this new party proposed a home-to-home trash collection program, these teens were hoping to pitch their app for use within this program. So here comes another beef I have, honestly I think some of the other teams could have done more with $10,000 than the girls from Nigeria. In some ways I wish one requirement was to show how you plan to use your winnings. Anyways, considering that the goal was to solve a problem, I sadly think their were better ideas.

I do want to ask, did anyone else feel like the pitch by the Nigeria team felt… like a dictator march? I mean really, it just felt wrong even when trying to put aside their accent.


Anyways, that was my quick thoughts on Code Girl. Again, take it or leave it. I don’t think we need a girls only contest to get girls to code. In a few different scenes they talked about how some adults of the teams were negative about girls not becoming house wives. I get it but please don’t drag these things out. I guess you could say that these types of things can offend me from time to time, honestly, girls should be allowed to do what they want but we need to also encourage men to expand their horizons too. And don’t argue that we have so many flamboyant men already. I more like to think that guys become flamboyant when society limits what they can do in life. When we tell guys you can’t do something unless your gay just fuels their confusion and makes them sometimes wonder, maybe I’m actually gay. But again, I digress. I’ll save that argument for another post. *sigh*

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One Problem with Conservative Bloggers

Okay, why do you guys keep doing this to yourself? This is why much of liberal America can’t take us conservatives seriously. YES! They are wrong and to be clear, I’m making no sermon about let’s get along and cross the aisle. They need to be destroyed but throwing flame wars and giving into intentional trolls is not going to help. But I digress for the time being. But there is one man who’s particularly troublesome, that man is Matt Walsh. Come on man, you have some great points and I can stand by you on comments like “If one boy tries it then, others might just lie and see if it works.” or “How do we truly test for trans-gendered people? Just require them to wear the opposite clothes for a couple months?”

*Sigh* Okay, so one article I’m talking about in particular is his one titled; Forcing Girls to Share a Bathroom with a gender confused Boy is Abuse. Again, great points, he should get a cookie but…… there is one thing that very much disturbs me about his article. That being his extremely happy-go-lucky use of the phrase “mentally ill” or “mentally confused”. He flings the word around with no regard for the weight it carries, specially mentally ill. Do you know what we did with people that were mentally ill at one time, we threw them in mental institutions and administered shock therapy. Then we just shrugged our shoulders and said they deserved it. This is Nazism, you are saying that anyone that disagrees with your beliefs or point of view should be removed from society. I agree with his analysis of this kid and I believe he has no right to use the girl’s restroom but should you go as far as saying he’s mentally ill? He’s selfish and needs some guidance, which sadly I assure you he will not receive. He was offered a great solution and his desire to use the girls restroom makes him sound like he’s just faking it, which is outside the scope of this post.

Making this more personal; one reason I so much dislike anyone being called mentally ill, is because some people will also label a Geek, such as myself also as mental ill. My wife and I are huge Geeks, maybe not the Star Wars geek that most people are familiar with but nevertheless still geeks. Sadly, I get the feeling that people like Matt Walsh would be the type to label geeks such as our selves as mentally ill and why? Because we don’t fit into his views of what is socially accepted as normal. I know many fellow geeks that also feel the same way about other people who claim to be Conservative or Christian and if we keep labeling anyone who does not fit into these social norms they have arbitrarily invented then we will be alienating those who are not mentally ill, just different.

I don’t want to get into what particular areas of geek hobbies could easily be labeled as mentally ill but you can easily find them on my other social media websites. I know this was a really quite post but honestly I don’t need to write home about it, simply put conservative bloggers don’t always pick the best choice in words. Sure, I understand that alternative bloggers like myself don’t always do either but I can’t easily excuse this when technically people like Matt Walsh and myself are on similar sides of the spectrum.

~ Chiori-chan


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Target is NOT making your kids gay!

Okay, so I’m going to have to apologize somewhat in advance for this one because I have so many family friends that would probably completely disagree with what I’m about to discuss today in this article.


“Since when were we getting a moral compass from Target?” – Rachel Greene (My Wife)

So almost a month ago now, Target made the “SINFUL” decision that they would start removing the gender labeling from their children’s non-clothing aisles, i.e., toys. I was surprised, as well as not surprised at the sheer number of people that got all irate over this decision. Many people started posting inraged comments of Facebook, while other began calling Target corporate complaining and saying they were no longer going to buy from Target if they went thru with this decision.

So earlier today my wife and I were shopping at Target and she was taking her time looking for a particular set of MLP figures to use in a crafting project. No one was the wiser until I asked, “Honey, did Target finally remove the gender labeling from the toys?” She looked around for a moment and answered “No, I don’t think so. Why?” “Where is the pink, the blue, the words boy or girl?” I pointed out that the walls of the toy aisle were now a plain wood patterned paper. Once we got to the front counter, I asked the cashier if the change was made yet, she politely answered, yes.

She said it was sad to see how many people online were upset over this. She even agree that all they did was remove the colored backdrops, removed sections dedicated to one gendered version of some toys, such as “Girl’s building sets” and moved all the childrens bedding to the same aisle.

She proceeded to tell me that they even had a customer in the store the week prior, complaining to the store manager about this change. Some of the customers exact words were, “I can’t believe Target is only selling to transgendered children now.” Yeah, you heard that right, only transgendered children. *sigh* Okay, so I want to make something clear on Targets behalf to all you misinformed people, THEY ARE NOT SELLING TO JUST TRANSGENDERED CHILDREN! People seriously, Target is only doing what makes business sense and as my wife’s quote from above says, when did we start looking to a non-christian company like Target to tell us what our morals are.

Honestly, I was a bit disturbed and saddened to see someone like Franklin Graham at the forefront trying to encourage the boycott of Target and the calling in to complain about this decision. Honestly, Franklin, you a great christian evangelist but I’m going to have to disagree with your arguments. I have many family friends that would boycott anything in an instant just because some company does something that they disagree with. Someone I know decided to started boycotting Home Depot just because they started extending benefits to gay partners a few years back. I’m sorry to say this but boycotting is really no longer a working option, you are out numbered and a business like Home Depot losing your $20 paint purchase is really not that damaging to their bottom line these days, but I digress.


Now, as for my opinion on this, “Why has this taken so long to finally happen?” Okay! Okay! Before you start throwing flaming crucifixes at your computer screen, hear me out. Honestly, look at the toys kids are playing with these days. How many of said toys are already gender-neutral? Action figures are just dolls made for boys. Lego has made building sets targeted at girls for years now and many girls prefer the normal/boys sets, which I honestly think is because most the Girl’s building sets appear to target what I can only say is, *cough* less coordinated… kids. You can’t sit there and tell me that’s not sexist on Lego’s part. Now, look at how many TV shows and movies are now targeting both genders. Let’s consider Disney’s Frozen, they are marketing products with Elsa and Anna to girls, while marketing Olaf and Sven to the boys. Now, I have some other issues with that kind of gender marketing but honestly does it make sense to put half the Frozen toys in one aisle and the other half in another. Okay so maybe this layout might better serve “transgendered” children, latte da! But honestly, how is this suppose to make your son gay? How is it that we don’t want our boys playing with Barbie dolls but are okay with them playing with a shirtless GI Joe?

I understand that I could go on and sadly, it might not change your mind but consider that maybe your gender bias views are more harmful to your kids gender identity than healthy. To be completely honest, I walked all those toy aisles earlier today and what was obviously boys toys are still easy to spot and vise-versa. Honestly, are board games gender bias? Are Legos? Are Hotwheels? All those toys I just named are now sold in some way or another for both boys and girls. And if color is your argument then you need to check your facts because at one time pink was considered a boys color. This is all cultural meaningless to God, he cares about the heart, not what man thinks.

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Target is NOT your compass for moral guidelines, they are simply a business and again I say, “Why did this not happen sooner?” Please consider what I had to say next time you go browsing your local Target. Honestly, I don’t even think you will notice. Even more so, I don’t think your kid(s) will notice either and if you have to pry that pink toy from your son’s hands then I think your moral issues go much further than just Target’s front door.

Also, can I make it clear that this is not a win for the transexuals nor the gender fluid crowd. No one is actually winning from this. It’s just the removal of a labeling that I believe was reinforcing some old gender stereotypes that honestly don’t fit into today’s culture anymore. If you at all think that girls can get normal jobs outside the home or that men can become nurses or hair stylists then why are you clinging to this outdated idea that girls play with pink toys and boys play with blue toys. Times are changing and we need to be keeping up or we as christians will lose any and all influence in the world.

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A man in a woman’s world

So over the last year my involvement in the Japanese fashion and geek communities has slowly expanded and along with it have been opportunities to hear the latest gossip. For example, this year at Ramencon in Merrillville, Indiana, my wife (leah-sama) and I are hosting three panels, helping format the program book and leasing surveillance cameras for security in the dealers room. As many don’t know, both my wife and I are aspiring to become more involved in either the lolita fashion or anime convention scene and hope to maybe even run a convention of our own one day.

Anyways, one particular subject I’ve recently been hearing a lot about is the increase of women in the lolita community making claims that a male friend/acquaintance sexually harassed them during working closely with each other, if that either be organizing a fashion show or trading services.

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Why both Christians and Pro-gay people are getting on my nerves

So, ever since the Supreme Court said gay marriage was now legal in the USA, the flame wars have only increased in intensity. Christians going to war on one side, arguing as to why they believe gay marriage is wrong and pro-gays on the other side arguing things like LOVE, PEACE and “You are an idiot, Jesus never said gay marriage was wrong.”… sigh. So here is my top 5 list on why these people are getting on my nerves: